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Diablo 4 Rogue Class Overview

Diablo 4 Rogue Class Overview

With both Diablo 4 Betas behind us, playing as the Rogue up to level 25 was a slick experience. As a Rogue, you stalk the battlefield, marking your prey. Elegantly, you dash into combat picking off your targets one by one with powerful imbuements. With many weapons at your disposal, it is up to you to decide how you wish to slice through your enemies. Rogues can take up sword and dagger jumping into the fray cutting their enemies down with precision using their stealth abilities to retreat. Or you can circle the fight picking off targets with ranged weapons one by one. 

What makes the Rogue unique is their ability to specialize through combo points, inner sight, or preparation. As you progress as a Rogue you will unlock each of these and specialize to fit your style. Using combo points Rogues can buff their core abilities imbuing each one with additional power, with each getting a different buff. With inner sight, random enemies will be marked, attacking them fills a gauge which when filled will grant unlimited energy allowing the Rogue to unleash carnage upon their enemies. We have yet to unlock preparation due beta restrictions. Although it has been theorized based upon in-game achievements that it will allow the Rogue to unleash their ultimate ability within a reduced cooldown. 

Stats and Skills

Rogues scale based on all 4 primary stats:

  • Strength - Increases your resources regeneration
  • Intelligence - Increases your crit chance
  • Willpower - Increases overall damage output
  • Dexterity - Increases skill damage

Rogues have 3 distinct specialization:

  • Combo Points - With this specialization, each of your abilities now earn combo points that you can spend to additional effects to them.
  • Inner Sight - With this specialization, each attack fills a gauge. When full, you get unlimited energy for a set period of time.
  • Preparation - Little is known as this skill didn’t unlock during the open beta.

Benefits of the class

  • Rogues are incredibly mobile, as the fastest class in the game they get to jump in and out of combat as they please. However, this comes at the cost of resilience, Rogues are squishy and can die quickly if their entrance and exits to and from combat are not planned.

Defensive Options

  • Concealment: This allows the Rogue to go into stealth, gaining movement speed and the “unstoppable buff” allowing them to move through enemies, Rogues are also hidden during concealment and will not be targeted, for a quick escape from combat. Upon breaking stealth, the Rogue will either guarantee a critical strike or will make enemies vulnerable depending on their skill choice.
  • Dark Shroud: This grants the Rogue an 8% damage reduction per shadow, while also increasing their crit chance when two or more shadows are active.

Offensive Options

  • Imbuements allow Rogues to customize their offensive playstyle imbuing their next two attacks with either shadow, frost, or poison
    • Shadow Imbuement: Causes your next two skills to deal shadow damage, targets hit will be marked and explode on death dealing damage to all surrounding enemies
    • Frost Imbuement: Next two skills will deal cold damage and will chill for each hit.
    • Poison Imbuement: Next two attacks will deal poison damage, and will apply a damage over time effect dealing a percent of the ability damage done as poison damage.
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Class Overview

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