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I’m Mekalb, a Diablo speedrunner. Five years ago my twin daughters were born 3 months premature and with a lot of sleepless nights at the NICU I found Diablo 2 speedrunning on twitch. After they got home from the hospital I set up my own stream and have played regularly since.

I currently hold all D2R co-op speedrun world records and hold a handful of solo world records and other competitive times. I was on the world's first team to complete the season 0 Diablo IV campaign as well as one of the top lvl 100 SC finishers. In D2R season 1 I was a team captain for the winning team of Blizzard's sanctioned "Infernal Race", worlds first hell baal kill. Most seasons in D2R and D2LOD in the past 3 years I have been in the team to first kill hell baal and uber tristram.

Between being a father, husband, working full time and finishing up my Masters in Business Education I try to find time to compete in Diablo speedrunning.

Mekalb on Twitch

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