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Hello everyone! PlayDoh here. I've been gaming since my early days and was a big Diablo 2 addict. Started streaming and doing some content creation a few years ago with a game called Outriders. Outriders is where I really got into Speedrunning and what inspired my 47 second current world record Uber Lilith Kill for Diablo 4.

My goal is to bring you guys solid content in the form of guides, tips, tutorials you name it. I'm also always helping out the community when it comes to Diablo 4 and in general any game I play.

We do daily Uber Lilith carries on my stream as well as T100 NM dunegons to mix it up, weekly gear giveaways and more. If you ever have a chance to stop by, come say hi and join the fun!

Streams usually start daily around 7-8 PM PST.

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