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1 to 50 In Under an Hour

1 to 50 In Under an Hour

1 to 50 In Under an Hour

If you are an alt-a-holic, have you ever found the right guide! Today I will show you how to get your alts from level 1-50 in under 1 hour with the help of a level 70+ friend! I will state that this would be best used after you have completed the story on one of your characters in order to fully enjoy the game for all its worth and the amazing storytelling that goes with it. By completing this guide, you will unlock the ability to skip the campaign on your alternate characters.

The Execution

Step 1

Create a new character after you have beat the campaign on your main. Customize them to perfection then on the last tab with your name select “Skip Campaign”

Step 2

Start the game on World Tier 2 and head to the cathedral of light in Kyovashad with your power leveling friend and complete the first keystone dungeon located here. (it is important to note that you must stay at the entrance. Do not attempt to follow your power leveling friend through these dungeons.)

Step 3

Once the cathedral of light is complete you will receive the completion achievement and unlock World Tier 3! Leave the dungeon and head to the world tier statue located south of Cathedral of Light and activate World Tier 3 Nightmare!

Step 4

Have your powerleveling friend tp to the level 70 keystone dungeon (this is why you will want a level 70+ friend to help with the powerleveling) and make their way into the dungeon. Once they do, have them let you know that it's safe to tp to them. Once you do, stay at the entrance again like you did in the first dungeon!

Step 5

Wait for the dungeon completion and this time teleport out back to Kyovashad and return to the World Tier Statue same as we did in Step 3. This time however you will now have world tier 4 unlocked and with it all the benefits that come with it!

Step 6

This is what you have been waiting for! Now get your powerleveling friend to bring you to their favorite world tier 4 dungeon. You will stay at the entrance again while your friend clears the dungeon and you level faster than you have ever seen until you hit level 50! (with 3 powerleveling friends level 70+, champions demise may be best if each takes a path. Or the dungeon we used which was the Ruins of Eridu)

Point of note if you have never reset dungeons. Make sure the power leveler is on your friends list. Once they complete the dungeon, have them leave the party which will teleport them out of the dungeon. Once they leave the party, open up your social tab (“O” by default) right click on them and join their party. This will teleport you out of the dungeon and then you just need to click to re-enter. Rinse and repeat after that.


This whole concept takes advantage of unlocking World tier 4 long before you are supposed to and benefiting from the 200% experience off of the high level enemies being slain by your friends. You get to chill by the entrance and reap all the benefits. Watch as you continue to level within seconds of each other! I was able to do this with a friend as just a duo and I hit 50 in 55 min as the video above shows! We know we could have done it quicker had we had some better luck in a few areas. A group of 3 power levelers with 1 getting leveled, you could hit 50 in 30-40 min!

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