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Arc Lash Sorcerer End Game Guide

Arc Lash Sorcerer End Game Guide

David "TheFeralTurtle" Hickey
Arc Lash Sorcerer End Game Guide


  • Arc Lash Sorcerer is an incredibly strong build that utilizes a basic skill that you can unlock at level 2 as its main source of damage. This ability scales very well and is very powerful with Unstable Currents, the new Moonrise Vampiric Power. This build also uses the Ball Lightning Enchant to spawn static Ball Lightnings as a Lucky Hit proc.
  • This build does not use mana, so we can focus on damage stat rolls on our gear instead of Resource Generation or Mana Cost Reduction.
  • Despite being a melee build, it is surprisingly tanky. On top of this, it is also extremely mobile. This build will have no issue pushing high Nightmare Dungeons as well as deleting Uber Bosses.

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  • For our basic skill, we will be using Arc Lash. This is our main damage so we want to put 5 points into it. We are also going to take Glinting Arc Lash to help reduce our cooldowns and give us better uptime with our defensive spells and our ultimate.
  • Due to the high attack speed of this build we are going to be able to get more procs of our Ball Lightning Enchantment for even more damage. Although the AoE of this ability is quite small, we make up for this by using Raiment of the Infinite, which will cause our teleport to pull enemies in on top of you. Pairing this with Fireball Enchant will help us blow up huge packs of monsters.


  • For our Core Cluster, we put one point into Fireball so we can equip it in our Enchantment Slot.
  • We are also going to grab Destructive Charged Bolts. This may seem strange since we do not slot Charged Bolts on our action bar, but we take this due to the free casts of Charged Bolts we receive in Unstable Currents. Any enemy hit by Charged Bolts casted by our Unstable Currents will apply the debuff to the target, reducing their damage dealt by 25% for 3 seconds.
  • Lastly, we grab 3 points of Potent Warding. This will grant us some extra Resistance to All Elements as well as increase our Maximum Resistances by 3%. This is a nice little defensive boost.


  • First we are going to grab Shimmering Flame Shield. This skill will grant us Unstoppable as well as giving us a Movement Speed buff, healing us, as well as making us immune to damage for a short duration.
  • Next, we put 5 points in Teleport to reduce its cooldown. We also grab Shimmering Teleport which gives us an addition 30% damage reduction for 3 seconds after casting it.
  • We also put 5 points into Frost Nova to lower its cooldown. This is going to be our Crowd Control for large packs as well as our source of Vulnerability.
  • For passives we put 3 points into Glass Cannon for a multiplicative 18% damage increase. Since this build is quite tanky, taking 9% more damage isn’t that impactful to our survivability.
  • Lastly we put one point into Elemental Attunement to get a chance to reset one of our Defensive Skills cooldowns.


  • First, we want to grab all three points of Precision Magic, which provides an additive increase to our lucky hit chance of 15%. This will help us generate our Ball Lightnings with Arc Lash.
  • We also put one point into Align the Elements so we can put 3 points into Protection. This will grant us 30% of our Maximum Life as a Barrier for 3 seconds after we use a cooldown. This adds a lot of survivability to this build.


  • In the Mastery cluster, we put 5 points into Ball Lightning and grab Enhanced Ball Lightning. Enhanced Ball Lightning increases its damage rate by 200% of our Attack Speed bonus. Since this build aims for high attack speed, this greatly increases our Ball Lightnings damage.
  • Note that we will never be casting Ball Lightning, but we will use it in our Enchantment Slot. We also will be free casting a lot of Ball Lightnings in our Unstable Currents window.


  • In our Ultimate cluster, we are grabbing Prime Unstable Currents. Unstable Currents is our massive damage window. Prime Unstable Currents will give us an extra 25% attack speed and allow us to unload Arc Lashes at a fire high attack speed. Each Arc Lash will cast a random shock spell. We se Unstable Currents on Elite Packs and bosses. This provides both incredibly high AoE and Single Target DPS.
  • For passives we put one point into Coursing Currents, which causes us to get increased Critical Strike Chance each time we do not crit with an ability.
  • We then put 3 points into Electrocution, which causes enemies who are critically struck by our Shock Skills to deal 15% reduced damage to us.
  • We also put 3 points into Conduction, which grants us 9% movement speed when we critically strike. This has great synergy with our Ravenous Vampiric Power as well as Esu’s Heirloom unique boots.

Key Passive

  • For our Key Passive, we will use Vyr’s Mastery. Since this build is purely melee, we are always getting the bonuses. This is a free increase to survivability and damage.



  • For our helmet we will be using the Aspect of Might. Since our primary source of damage is a Basic Skill, we are guaranteed to have this Damage Reduction bonus up 100% of the time.
  • For stats we want Basic Attack Speed to increase our Arc Lash damage and our overall damage in our Unstable Currents window.
  • We want to grab Total Armor and Maximum Life to add to the survivability of the build.
  • Lastly, we want to grab Cooldown Reduction to lower all of our cooldowns. This gives us more survivability with Ice Armor and Flame Shield, more mobility and grouping potential with Teleport, and more uptime on Crowd Control and Vulnerability with Frost Nova.


  • For our chest we want to get a Raiment of the Infinite. This provides us with great damage stats and the ability to pull enemies on top of you. Since this build has small AoE, this will help us clear packs of enemies. Also, enemies pulled in are stunned. This will help us benefit from Aspect of Control and the Domination Vampiric Power.


  • For our gloves we will use the Edgemaster’s Aspect. Since this build is always at max Mana, this gives us a free 20%[x] damage increase.
  • For stats we want Attack Speed so we can cast Arc Lash faster. This will also increase our Ball Lightning damage since we placed a point into Enhanced Ball Lightning. We also want to grab Intelligence for some nice extra damage. Lastly, we want to grab Lucky Hit Chance and Critical Strike Chance. This build revolves around casting Arc Lash as fast as possible and spawning free Ball Lightnings as a Lucky Hit proc on Critical Strikes so these stats are mandatory.


  • For our pants we will be using the Aspect of Disobedience. This gives us a nice multiplicative increase to our armor, giving us a lot of extra survivability.
  • For stats we want to get Maximum Life, Total Armor, and Damage Reduction from Close Enemies to increase the overall survivability of the build.
  • We then want to get +4 Ranks of Ball Lightning since it will provide a substantial increase to the overall damage of the build.


  • For our boots, we want to use Esu’s Heirloom. These boots synergize perfectly with this build. We pair this with the Moonrise Vampiric power, which gives us a nice movement speed buff. We also use the Ravenous Vampiric power which gives us bonus attack speed based on our movement speed. On top of that, these boots give us extra Critical Strike Chance based on our movement speed. So not only is this build fast, but we also gain a ton of extra damage for being fast.


  • On our amulet we will use Aspect of Control. This aspect provides us a huge multiplicative damage bonus to enemies that are Immobilized, Stunned or Frozen. Since this build has a lot of Stun and Freeze uptime, we want to place this on an Amulet for the 50% increase to aspect power.
  • For stats, we want +3 Ranks of All Defensive Skills. This lowers the Cooldown of Teleport and Frost Nove and also gives us access to Ice Armor without allocating any points into it. We also grab +3 Ranks of Glass Cannon for even more damage. If you feel like you are squishy, you can grab +3 Ranks to Mastery Skills instead.
  • We also want to grab Movement Speed since this will give us extra damage through our Vampiric Powers and Esu’s Heirloom.


  • On one of our rings, we want the Conceited Aspect. This will give us a multiplicative damage increase whenever we have a Barrier active which is quite often.
  • On our other ring, we are going to put the Gravitational Aspect. Unfortunately, this does not cause the Ball Lightnings spawned by our Enchantment to orbit around us. But, they will gain the damage increase.
  • Inside of our Unstable Currents window, every Ball Lightning cast will gain the benefit of them orbiting around us.
  • For stats, we want Maximum Life to increase our survivability.
  • We want Lucky Hit Chance and Critical Strike Chance to increase our chance to spawn Ball Lightnings.
  • We also want Damage to Close Enemies since we are a melee build.


  • On our wand we will use the Rapid Aspect, which provides us a nice increase to Attack Speed on Arc Lash.
  • For stats we want Intelligence and All Stats. This will give us extra damage as well as giving us stat points to activate the bonuses of our Rare Nodes on our Paragon Board.
  • We also want to take Critical Strike Damage due to the high Critical Strike Chance of this build.
  • Lastly, we grab Damage to Close enemies since this build is strictly melee.


  • On our Focus we will use the Storm Swell Aspect. This gives us another multiplicative damage increase to Vulnerable enemies while we have a Barrier.
  • For stats we take Intelligence for extra damage.
  • We take Basic Attack Speed to increase the number of Arc Lashes we cast per second.
  • We take Cooldown Reduction for more uptime on our defensive spells and ultimate.
  • Lastly, we want Critical Strike Chance to increase the amount of Ball Lightnings we can spawn.

Vampiric Powers

Moonrise - Major

The Moonrise Vampiric Power is what makes this build shine. This gives us a large increase to Attack Speed, which not only increases how many Arc Lashes we can cast, but also increases our damage of Ball Lightning since we have a point in Enhanced Ball Lightning. It also gives us 160% increased damage with Arc Lash as well as 15% movement speed, which pairs with Ravenous and our Esu’s Heirloom.

Ravenous - Minor

Ravenous will give us another huge Attack Speed increase, providing us with even more casts of Arc Lash a second as well as increasing our Ball Lightning damage even further.

Anticipation - Minor

We take Anticipation strictly for the 20% extra Cooldown Reduction on Unstable Currents. Since this is our biggest damage window, the extra Cooldown Reduction is a must.

Domination - Minor

Domination is another Aspect of Control and provides us with extra damage to Stunned, Immobilized, Frozen, or Feared enemies. It also will execute Injured enemies (<35%) that are not elite.

Prey of the Weak - Minor

Prey on the Weak is a nice damage increase to Vulnerable enemies. This slot is flexible and can be swapped out with something like Undying or Resilience for added tankiness. If your build lacks Cooldown Reduction, we highly recommend swapping this out for Hectic for the time being. Hectic will reduce one of your cooldowns by 2 seconds for every 5 Basic Skill casts.


Starter Board

  • For the Starter Board, we are going to work up the right side and grab the Non-Physical Damage Rare Node. We will want to grab any willpower in the glyph range to ensure we activate the Glyphs bonus. We will also loop around and grab the Resilience Rare Node for extra Resistance to all Elements.
  • In the Glyph Socket, we want to place Reinforced. This will increase the bonus we receive from Rare Nodes in the Glyph range, so we make sure to grab both Elemental Balance and Erudite. Since we made sure to grab 25 willpower, we also gain 15% Damage Reduction with a barrier.

Enchantment Master

  • On the Enchantment Master build, we are going to head straight for the glyph. We are going to grab both rare nodes and an additional 20 intelligence from normal modes in the glyph range to make sure we activate our glyph bonus.
  • In the socket, we are going to place the Elementalist glyph, which is going to increase the bonuses to the rare nodes in the range as well as give us a multiplicative damage increase for hitting enemies with different elements.

Static Surge

  • On the Static Surge board, we are going to go down and grab the Paralyzing Rare Node which grants us bonus Damage to Stunned Enemies. We then work over to the glyph and grab every dexterity node in the Glyph Range.
  • In the Glyph Socket, we are going to place Territorial, which grants us increased Damage to Close enemies for every 5 dexterity and an additional 15% Damage Reduction against Close Enemies.
  • We also grab the Incapacitate Rare Node and the Magic Nodes around it. From here, we are going to work over to the Gate Node on the right and connect Burning Instinct.

Burning Instinct

  • On the Burning Instinct board, we work up to the Glyph Socket and grab all of the Dexterity in the range. We will also work over to the Safeguard Rare Node before working up to the Gate Node at the top.
  • In the Glyph Socket we place Destruction, which increases our Critical Strike Damage for every 5 Dexterity in range. This will also give us a multiplicative damage increase every time we crit an enemy up to 12%.

Ceaseless Conduit

  • On Ceaseless Conduit, we are going to work up to the glyph. We want to grab the rare node Galvanic Catalyst as well as any dexterity in the range. We will then work up to the Gate Node on the left. We will also come back and grab the Hunter Killer Rare Node.
  • In the Glyph Socket, we are going to place Control. This grants us increased damage to Crowd Controlled targets for every 5 dexterity. This will also give us a 10%[x] increase to Slowed or Chilled enemies. This is increased to 20%[x] to Stunned or Frozen enemies.

Elementary Summoner

  • Above the Burning Instinct board, we will work straight up to the Glyph Socket. We are going to grab every intelligence node in the range including both Rare Nodes.
  • In the socket, we are going to place Adept, which will increase our Mastery Skills Damage for every 5 intelligence in range. This also increases the area of effect of our Mastery Skills. This is going to increase our Lightning Ball Damage significantly.

Searing Heat

  • Lastly, we are going to attach Searing Heat to the left of Ceaseless Conduit. We are going to work up to the Glyph Socket and grab all of the dexterity in the Glyph range.
  • In the Socket, we are going to place Exploit. This increases our damage to Vulnerable targets for every 5 dexterity within range. This will also grant us a stacking multiplicative increase when damaging Vulnerable targets up to 10%.

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