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Conquering the Capstone Dungeon: Cathedral of Light

Conquering the Capstone Dungeon: Cathedral of Light

David "TheFeralTurtle" Hickey
Conquering the Capstone Dungeon: Cathedral of Light

Conquering the Capstone Dungeon: Cathedral of Light

After completing the Campaign, the next step you need to take is completing the Capstone Dungeon called the Cathedral of Light. Based on when you tackle this dungeon, it can be quite difficult. This is due to the fact that the dungeon is scaled to level 50. So, if you are playing on Hardcore, a viable strategy is to postpone this until you are sure you are tanky enough and deal enough damage to survive.

Upon completion of the Capstone Dungeon, you will gain access to the next difficulty level, World Tier III: Nightmare. This will give you access to Nightmare Dungeons and Helltides. This is where the Endgame of Diablo IV starts.

Although this dungeon has been talked about as if it is incredibly difficult, it generally is not too bad. As long as you spend enough time preparing for it, there is nothing you should be afraid of. We have a few tips for anyone who may not know where to begin when it comes to preparing for this dungeon.

Preparing Your Gear


Getting some good gear ready for this fight is one great way to prepare. Make sure that you pick up a few key Offensive and Defensive Aspects for your build. In our leveling guides, we recommend three that will really define your leveling build playstyle and we highly recommend having these for the Capstone Dungeon.

For hardcore players, we highly recommend picking up at least two of these three defensive aspects:


Another tip is to upgrade all of your gear to +3 since it is very inexpensive to do so and will give you a substantial power increase. We don’t recommend upgrading it the final time since the resource cost will get quite expensive.


Consumables can make these fights a lot easier. For Softcore players, go for an elixir that fits your build. For example, if your build relies on attack speed, grab an attack speed elixir.

For Hardcore players, you can never be too safe. We recommend crafting your Elixir of Death Evasion since the final boss hits very hard. Even though the attacks are telegraphed pretty well, nobody is perfect. You can never go wrong with this elixir. Lastly, we recommend the Song of the Mountain Incense. This will give you a 200 armor buff for every nearby player and make you a little bit tankier for the fight.

For more tips on hardcore, check out our article: Conquering Hardcore: Tips and Tricks for Survival


High Council

The High Council is a fight that consists of four mini bosses. Based on your build, it may be better to target these down one by one. For me, I was able to burst them down together and kill them all simultaneously. Before going in, you should have a gameplan based on the playstyle of your build. This fight isn’t too difficult, but just be prepared for a horde of enemies to spawn after killing one of the bosses if you do not plan on killing them simultaneously.


The Curator is a very hard-hitting boss. He moves very slowly, but if you happen to get hit, you are going to feel it. The one attack that you really need to watch out for is the attack that shoots three projectiles in a large, screen-wide cone. At a later stage of the fight, he will do this attack three times in quick succession, teleporting to a different location before casting the next. Be prepared to cast you defensive options and try to make sure you are holding on to your evade. Other than this, as long as you are watching the boss's movements, his attacks are pretty well-telegraphed and you should have no problem dodging them. Before you know it, you will be on your way to grinding World Tier III content.

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