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Death Trap Rogue - End Game Build Guide

Death Trap Rogue - End Game Build Guide

David "TheFeralTurtle" Hickey
Death Trap Rogue - End Game Build Guide


  • This build utilizes Death Trap and Poison Trap for incredible crowd control and massive screen-wide nukes.
  • Due to its high lucky hit chance, this build uses Twisting Blades as its core skill. This will allow us to quickly reset our traps cooldowns for some very high uptime. This makes this build incredible for pushing high-tier Nightmare Dungeons.
  • This build is also packed with a ton of Crowd Control. This allows us to blast through huge packs of enemies while also being able to stagger bosses extremely fast and delete them with ease.
  • We also gain a significant amount of strength from the Season 2 Vampiric Powers

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  • For our basic skill, we will be using puncture. This ability gives us permanent uptime on Vulnerability in Single Target fights or in smaller packs if you are consistently target swapping. This will also be how we will stack our combo points to further increase Twisting Blades damage as well as give us a large movement speed buff to move from pack to pack.


  • Twisting Blades is going to be our main source of damage in this build. Death Trap allows us to pull enemies close together to make sure all enemies are getting hit by both the recall from your Twisting Blade as well as the Bladedancer’s Aspect.
  • We also grab three points in Sturdy since we are always going to be close to enemies. This will give us a 12% Close Damage Reduction and give us some additional survivability.
  • We also grab a point in Siphoning Strikes to give us some healing on our Critical Strikes for some increased survivability.


  • Here, we are going to grab Shadow Step. This grants us some additional mobility and another source of Unstoppable to get us out of dangerous situations.
  • We will also place a few points in some passives that will help put this build together. Putting three points in Concussive will give us a 15% increase in Critical Strike Chance. Since Poison Trap will knock down enemies, we will have incredible uptime on this passive which gives us a huge increase to our damage.
  • We will also put one point into Trick Attacks. This causes our Critical Strikes against Dazed enemies to knock them down for .5 seconds. Since we use Improved Twisting Blades, this will allow us to consistently knock down priority targets such as elites. This will also give us some extra Stagger for bosses. This build does a great job at quickly staggering the bosses due to its incredibly high crowd control.
  • We will also grab three points in Weapon Mastery. Since we are using Crossbows, this will give us x15% Critical Strike Damage. This is a multiplier to our Critical Strike Damage and gives us a massive increase in DPS. We will also be using Swords, which will give us a flat 9% increase in damage.


  • Poison Trap will knock enemies down and allow us to get damage/damage reduction to poisoned enemies. This also grants us a bonus Critical Strike Chance with the Concussive passive. It also gives us a chance to reset our Imbuement for faster clear and higher DPS.
  • We will also put three points in Exploit and Malice. Exploit will give us an x18.0% bonus damage to enemies above 80% and below 35%. Malice is another nice damage buff that grants us an x9.0% damage bonus to vulnerable enemies.


  • We want to take Blended Poison Imbuement, which causes Critical Strikes with Poison Imbued skills to deal an extra 75% Poisoning Damage. This build has a very high Critical Strike Chance, so this gives us a substantial DPS increase.
  • We also want to get three points in Debilitating Toxins to reduce the damage Poisoned enemies deal to us by 15%, adding to the ridiculous survivability of this build.


  • Death Trap is going to be our tool to pull huge packs of enemies together. We want to use this to break concealment and apply Vulnerability to everyone affected by the trap. This will also allow us to stagger bosses quite easily. With the Key Passive, both of our traps will reset almost instantly in big packs and very quickly in single target situations.
  • We put three points in Innervation which is more than enough to make sure we do not run out of energy ever.
  • We also put three points in Trap Mastery, which gives us 12.0% Critical Strike Chance against Vulnerable and Crowd Controlled Enemies.
  • Lastly, we grab one point in Adrenaline rush so we can put three into Haste. This gives us 15.0% movement speed when above 50% energy, and lets us move from pack to pack quickly. This also grants us 15.0% Attack Speed when below 50% Energy, but we don’t really utilize this.

Key Passive

  • For our Key Passive, we will take Exposure. This allows us to reset our trap cooldowns quickly, gives us some extra damage with the Stun Grenades, and also a bunch of extra Crowd Control.



  • On our Helmet, we want to look for a high roll of Armor and Maximum Life since this is a melee build and any defenses help. We also want to try to get a resistance on this piece since we want to make sure to cap our resistances at 70%.
  • Since this build has so much crowd control, Cheat’s Aspect gives us a nice damage reduction buff as well as a movement speed buff.


  • For our Chest, we want to stack as many defensive stats as possible. Since we will have very high uptime on Poison, Damage Reduction From Poisoned Enemies is a no-brainer. We also take Damage Reduction from Close since we pull all enemies on top of ourselves with Death Trap. Flat Damage Reduction and Maximum Life are the most ideal, but you can also take Damage Reduction From Distant Enemies if there are some that are out of range from your Death Trap and don’t get pulled in.
  • We take Aspect of Might since we use Combo Points as our specialization. Especially with a max roll of this aspect, we will likely have 100% uptime on this damage reduction buff.


  • For our gloves, we want to find a +4 Ranks to Twisting Blades. We also want Attack Speed and Critical Strike Chance. The last option we want is Lucky Hit Chance, this can also be replaced with Time to Arm Traps or Dexterity.
  • For the Aspect, we want Aspect of Retribution, which grants us a x20.0% increase damage to stunned enemies.


  • For our pants, we are going to use the Unique Tibault's Will. Pairing this with the Vampiric Power, Metamorphosis, we are able to have high uptime on the damage buff we receive while unstoppable.


  • For boots, we are looking for resistances. We can grab three different resistances on boots if we are lucky to help cap them out at 70%. We also want to get Movement Speed just to make the build faster.
  • For the Aspect we are going to go Ravager's Aspect. This gives Shadow Step an additional charge and can also refund a charge if it kills an enemy, increasing the mobility of the build and additional opportunities to go unstoppable.


  • For the Amulet, we want Energy Cost Reduction, 3 Ranks of the Weapon Mastery Passive, Cooldown Reduction, and Movement Speed. The Energy Cost Reduction will help us get more Twisting Blades out due to the high attack speed of the build. The Cooldown Reduction is useful for helping us keep 100% uptime on our traps in big packs and even in single target fights. The Weapon Mastery ranks provide a nice damage increase as well.
  • For the Aspect, we take Accelerating Aspect. With the high Critical Strike Chance of this build, we will pretty much always have uptime on this buff. Allowing us to get those three Combo Point Twisting Blades off faster.


  • For our Rings, we want Critical Strike Chance, Lucky Hit Chance for our Key Passive procs, and Damage to Close Enemies since we are a melee build. For the last stat, if you feel tanky enough, you can go for Critical Strike Damage, if not, we recommend trying to get a Maximum Life roll on your rings.
  • For Aspects, we are going to go Aspect of Bursting Venoms. This gives us a chance to create a toxic pool that allows us to spam our Poison Imbuement with no cooldown. This gives us a massive DPS increase when standing in these puddles.
  • For the other Ring, we go Aspect of the Expectant. Since we are using Combo Points and we are always casting three Punctures before Twisting Blades, we always gain the max benefit of this aspect.


  • For our crossbow, we want All Stats, Ultimate Skill Damage, Damage to Close Enemies, and Dexterity.
  • For the Aspect, we are going to use Bladedancer's Aspect. Since this is a 2h Weapon Slot, we will get a 100% increase to the aspect power, greatly increasing our damage with Twisting Blades.


  • On both of our Swords, we want the same stats we run on our Crossbow: All Stats, Ultimate Skill Damage, Damage to Close Enemies, and Dexterity.
  • On one Sword, we will use Rapid Aspect. This will allow us to fire off our punctures much quicker to get off our three Combo Point Twisting Blades.
  • On the other Sword, we will run Edgemaster's Aspect. Since we are likely to maintain high energy levels, we will greatly benefit from the damage bonus of this aspect.

Vampiric Powers


  • Metamorphosis is extremely useful in this build. It grants us Unstoppable for 4 seconds, allowing us to maintain uptime on the Tibault's Will damage increase. The unstoppable on our Evade is also just extremely useful in general.

Accursed Touch

  • The reason we use Accursed Touch is to simply give us a way to spread Vampiric Curse on enemies, allowing us to benefit from Prey on The Weak.

Prey on the Weak

  • Pairing Prey on the Weak with Accursed Touch will allow us to have high Vulnerability uptime in large packs, which this build lacked previously. This will provide a substantial DPS increase in AoE situations.


  • Undying paired with Siphoning Strikes allows us to stay healthy in fights. The amount of healing we receive from both of these sources on top of the overall tankiness of the build makes it virtually indestructable.


  • Lastly, we are going to take Ravenous. This gives us a Lucky Hit Chance to increase our Attack Speed by 40% of our Movement Speed. Since this build has high Lucky Hit Chance and quite a bit of Movement Speed, this will grant us a nice Attack Speed buff to help us pump out three Combo Point Twisting Blades.


Starter Board

  • On the Starter board, we want to work up the right side and grab the Damage nodes. We then work up to the Glyph Socket and grab all of the Dexterity around it. We want to grab the Magic and Rare Damage nodes as well as the Armor nodes.
  • In this Socket, we will be placing the Closer Glyph which grants us extra damage to our Cutthroat Skills (Twisting Blades). This also grants us 10% reduced damage while wielding a Melee weapon.

Deadly Ambush

  • Working our way up, we grab the Magic and Rare armor nodes. We then grab the Legendary Node, Deadly Ambush, which grants us x22.5% increased Critical Strike Damage to enemies affected by our Traps. We continue up, grabbing the Glyph Socket and enough strength to trigger the bonus. We grab the Increased Damage to Trapped Enemies to the left as well as the Damage Reduction to Trapped enemies on the right. We work over to the next board but drop down and grab the Rare Node that will cut our time to arm our Traps in half.
  • In this Socket, we will place Diminish. This will increase our Rare nodes in the Range by 125% as well as grant us 10 reduced Physical Damage from Vulnerable enemies.

Cheap Shot

  • The next board we are going to work right over to the Glyph Socket. We want to grab as much intelligence in the range as we can. We then work up toward the Legendary Node, Cheap Shot, which gives us a multiplicative damage increase for each nearby enemy under Crowd Control, up to x25%. We also want to grab the Damage/Critical Strike Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies nodes in the top right corner as well as the Damage Reduction from Elites and Armor nodes on the left. We then work up from these nodes to the next board.
  • In this Socket we will place Combat. Combat increases our Critical Strike damage for every 5 intelligence in range. It also causes Critical Strikes to restore 12% of their Energy Cost.

Tricks of the Trade

  • The first thing we are going to grab out the gate is the Damage To/Damage Reduction from Close enemy nodes that are to the left of the gate node. We then work up and grab the Legendary Node, Tricks of the Trade, which cause our Marksman Skills (Puncture) to grant our Cutthroat Skill (Twisting Blades) x25% increased Damage. This synergizes well since we are using Combo Points. We then go up and grab the Armor and Strength Rare and Magic nodes before grabbing the Glyph Socket. We want to grab as much strength as possible in the range. We also want to grab the Damage to Elites nodes to the right of the Socket. Before going to the next board, we grab the Physical Damage and Critical Strike Damage nodes in the top left corner.
  • In this Socket, we place Turf. Turf grants us increased damage to Close enemies for every 5 strength in the range. It also grants us 10% Damage Reduction against Close enemies.

Not Witness

  • On our last board, we go for the socket. Around the Socket, we want to grab as much strength as we can as well as the Magic and Rare nodes at the top and bottom. These Grant us Max Life and a flat percent increase to our damage.
  • In this Socket, we place Exploit. Exploit grants us increased damage to Vulnerable targets for every 5 strength in range. It also causes enemies damaged by you to be marked as vulnerable for 3 seconds. This effect can only happen once every 20 seconds.

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