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Druid - Understanding Diablo IV Patch 1.1.0 Druid Build Changes

Druid - Understanding Diablo IV Patch 1.1.0 Druid Build Changes

Dylan "LessVestige" Carlson
Druid - Understanding Diablo IV Patch 1.1.0 Druid Build Changes

Yesterday’s patch notes have caused quite an uproar with nerfs across the board. Due to general reductions in damage and defense along with bug fixes that caused unintentional damage numbers, the Druid, along with all other classes, will see a drop in overall power.


Due to their many bug fixes, we may see new builds emerge for the Druid but the meta will most likely stay the same. There are many nerfs but mechanically the meta builds, like Earthen Bulward and the Tornado Druid, appear to be keeping their place at the top. Even so, a new contender shows promise to earn a place in the meta. A new aspect may take Trampleslide, or another Landslide build, to the next level.

Bug Fixes

Though some of the bug fixes have caused negative outcomes in damage, the Druid’s Tornado builds will likely see an unexpected power-up. With an issue fixed causing the seeking Tornados produced by Stormchaser’s Aspect to not deal damage, your slicing winds will now pack an extra punch. Shred builds, however, have received the opposite effect. Stormclaw’s Aspect will no longer cause Shred to dish out extreme amounts of damage.

Balance Changes

Earthen Bulwark

  • Despite the nerfs and updates, this build remains mostly unchanged in terms of its viability. The reduction in bonus armor received from the Aspect of Disobedience reduced from 25-50% to 15-30% along with the general decrease in affix scaling to damage and cooldown reductions have lowered its defense considerably, however, this build remains competitive and capable. The Malignant Heart of Revenge will also help mitigate the nerfs and provide an additional source of damage.
  • Though the cooldown reduction from the Symbiotic Aspect has been reduced from 4-8 to 3-5, causing Earthen Bulwark to be unable to fully reset within one Nature’s Fury trigger, it will not be a “make-or-break” for this build.

Tornado Druid

  • The bug fix to the seeking Tornadoes produced by Stormchaser’s Aspect to not deal damage will surely make an impact to this build and it's already impressive damage.
  • This build, along with every other, will suffer from the general nerfs but not as much as the electrified demons you will leave in your wake. The Malignant Heart of the Picana causes critical strikes to electrically charge enemies, causing lightning to arc between them and any other charged enemies. This could be the spark you need to really take this build over the top.


  • Other than the nerfs that have repeatedly been pounded into your head via this article, there are no major changes made directly to Landslide. This does not mean that the build does not deserve the attention! This season introduces a new legendary aspect called Subterranean. This aspect causes Poison Creeper’s active to also cast Landslide in a circle around you and on top of that give you a 10-20% increase to Earth Skill damage to Poisoned enemies. Tell me that doesn’t make your boots quiver!
  • Along with the new aspect there are several Malignant Hearts that may just help push Landslide builds into the meta. A couple to keep an eye on are the Malignant Heart of Revenge and the Malignant Heart of the Picana, both mentioned above. The Malignant Heart of the Barber is another one to keep an eye out for as it causes critical strikes, and some subsequent damage, to be absorbed by your target just to erupt onto surrounding enemies a few seconds later.


It is clear that the Earthen Bulwark and Tornado Druid builds will be seeing a return in this patch, especially in the mid-to-late game. However, alongside the power and speed of the Tornado, Landslide will be a great leveling build and might even carry on into the end-game. Though we may still see a lot of the same builds for the Druid, there are some that hold a lot of potential and more still that may not have been discovered yet.

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