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Exploring Druid Legendary Aspects

Exploring Druid Legendary Aspects

David "TheFeralTurtle" Hickey
Exploring Druid Legendary Aspects

Druid Legendary Aspects

This is an exhaustive list of every legendary aspect available for the Druid in Diablo 4. This list contains all of the information you will need when building your character, including what slots the aspects can go in and where you can find these aspects.

Druid Aspect List

Defensive (Helm | Chest | Pants | Amulet)

Aspect NameAspect Power
Aspect of Mending Stone Source: Sealed Archives, Dry Steppes
The duration of Earthen Bulwark is increased by 6 seconds. In addition, killing an enemy with Earth Skills replenishes [41.25 – 82.5] of your active Earthen Bulwark's Barrier.
Skinwalker’s Aspect Source: Fading Echo, Kehjistan
When you use a Shapeshifting Skill that changes your form, gain [41.25 – 82.5] Life. If you are at full Life, gain the same amount as Fortify.
Aspect of Cyclonic Force Source: Collapsed Vault, Kehjistan
Cyclone Armor also provides Physical Damage Reduction. In addition, Cyclone Armor will also be applied to all Nearby Allies.
Vigorous Aspect Source: Unknown Dungeon, Hawezar
Gain [[10 – 15]|1%|] Damage Reduction while Shapeshifted into a Werewolf.
Earthguard Aspect Source: Drop
Gain [[15 – 25]|%|] bonus amount to your next Earthen Bulwark for each enemy you Crowd Control up to a maximum of 100%.

Utility (Helm | Chest | Gloves | Boots | Amulet)

Aspect NameAspect Power
Aspect of Quicksand Source: Feral's Den, Scosglen
Damage from Earth Skills Slow enemies hit by [[25 – 50]|%|] for 5 seconds.
Aspect of the Dark Howl Source: Drop
Debilitating Roar is now a Werewolf Skill. In addition, Debilitating Roar will Immobilize Poisoned enemies for [[2 – 4]|1|] seconds.
Ballistic Aspect Source: Whispering Pines, Scosglen
When you have Fortify your Earth Skills gain +2 Ranks.
Stormshifter’s Aspect Source: Unknown Dungeon, Kehjistan
While Hurricane is active, gain +2 Ranks to your Shapeshifting Skills.
Symbiotic Aspect Source: Drop
When the Nature's Fury Key Passive triggers a free Skill, your non-Ultimate Cooldowns of the opposite type are reduced by [4 – 8] seconds.

Offensive (Gloves | Weapon | Amulet | Ring)

Aspect NameAspect Power
Aspect of the Tempest Source: Blind Burrows, Hawezar
Hurricane damage is increased by [[7 – 15]|1%x|] each second while active.
Crashstone Aspect Source: Unknown Dungeon, Scosglen
Earth Skills deal [[40 – 50]|%x|] more Critical Strike Damage to Crowd Controlled enemies
Overcharged Aspect Source: Mariner's Refuge, Scosglen
Lucky Hit: Up to a [0.7|%|] chance when dealing Lightning damage to overload the target for 3 seconds, causing any direct damage you deal to them to pulse 0.7*825 additional damage to surrounding enemies.
Aspect of Natural Balance Source: Drop
Casting a Storm Skill grants your Earth Skills [[30 – 45]|1%x|] Critical Strike Damage for 4 seconds. Casting a Earth Skill increases the Critical Strike Chance of Storm Skills by [[30 – 45] /3.75|1%+|] for 4 seconds.
Seismic-shift Aspect Source: Drop
Earth Spike launches spikes in a line and has a [[1.5 – 2.5]|1|] second Cooldown.
Aspect of the Trampled Earth Source: Drop
Trample now summons 6 Landslide pillars of earth during its duration that deal [[70 – 80]|%|] normal damage. Trample is now also a Nature Magic and Earth Skill.
Stormclaw’s Aspect Source: Anica's Claim, Fractured Peaks
Critical Strikes with Shred deal [[20 – 30]|%|] of the damage dealt as Lightning damage to the target and surrounding enemies.
Aspect of The Aftershock Source: Drop
Landslide's earth pillars each strike a second time and deal an additional [[6 – 12]|%|] bonus damage per hit.
Aspect of the Ursine Horror Source: Belfry Zakara, Hawezar
Pulverize is now also an Earth Skill. After casting Pulverize, tectonic spikes continue to deal [288.75 – 412.5] damage over 2 seconds.
Aspect of Retaliation Source: Seaside Descent, Dry Steppes
Your Core Skills deal up to [[20 – 40]|%x|] increased damage based on your amount of Fortify.
Shockwave Aspect Source: Drop
Pulverize creates a shockwave that travels forward, dealing [[90 – 130]|%|] of its damage to targets in the path.
Aspect of the Alpha Source: Drop
Your Wolf Companions are now Werewolf Companions. Werewolf Companions deal [[75 – 100]|%+|] additional damage and can spread Rabies.
Nighthowler’s Aspect Source: Forbidden City, Fractured Peaks
Blood Howl increases Critical Strike Chance by [[5 – 10]|1%+|]. In addition, Blood Howl also affects Nearby Companions and Players for 3 seconds.
Shepherd’s Aspect Source: Bloodsoaked Crag, Dry Steppes
Core Skills deal an additional [[6 – 8]|1%x|] damage for each active Companion.
Aspect of the Rampaging Werebeast Source: Endless Gates, Hawezar
The duration of Grizzly Rage is increased by [1 – 5] seconds. In addition, Critical Strikes while Grizzly Rage is active increase your Critical Strike Damage by [10|%x|] for the duration.
Aspect of the Wildrage Source: Drop
Your Companions gain the bonuses from the Bestial Rampage Key Passive.
Aspect of Nature’s Savagery Source: Drop
Werewolf skills function as Storm Skills and Werebear Skills function as Earth Skills for the Nature’s Fury Key Passive
Stormchaser’s Aspect Source: Drop
Tornado will seek up to [1 – 5] targets.
Runeworker’s Conduit Source: Drop
Critical Strikes with Storm Skills charge the air around you for [[1 – 2]|1|] seconds causing a Lightning Strike to periodically hit an enemy in the area for [Affix_Flat_Value_1] Lightning damage. This duration can be extended by additional Critical Strikes.
Mighty Storm’s Aspect Source: Drop
The Earthen Might Key Passive also applies to your Storm Skills.

Resource (Ring)

Aspect NameAspect Power
Aspect of the Unsatiated Source: Tormented Ruins, Fractured Peaks
After killing an enemy with Shred, your next Werewolf Skill generates [[20 – 30]|%x|] more Spirit and deals [[20 – 30]|%x|] increased damage.
Mangled Aspect Source: Immortal Emanation, Fractured Peaks
When you are struck as a Werebear you have a [[20 – 30]|%|] chance to gain 1 Spirit.
Aspect of the Calm Breeze Source: Grinning Labyrinth, Dry Steppes
Lucky Hit: Wind Shear has up to a [[5 – 10]|%|] chance to fully restore your Spirit.
Aspect of the Changeling’s Debt Source: Conclave, Kehjistan
Damaging a Poisoned enemy with a Werebear Skill will instantly deal [[120 – 150]|%|] of the Poisoning damage and consume the Poisoning.
Balanced Aspect Source: Drop
Increase your Maximum Spirit by [30 – 50] and Spirit Generation by [20|%x|] while Grizzly Rage is active.

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