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Exploring Sorcerer Legendary Aspects

Exploring Sorcerer Legendary Aspects

David "TheFeralTurtle" Hickey
Exploring Sorcerer Legendary Aspects

Sorcerer Legendary Aspects

This is an exhaustive list of every legendary aspect available for the Sorcerer in Diablo 4. This list contains all of the information you will need when building your character, including what slots the aspects can go in and where you can find these aspects.

Sorcerer Aspect List

Defensive (Helm | Chest | Pants | Amulet)

Aspect NameAspect Power
Snowguard’s Aspect Source: Unknown Dungeon, Hawezar
While within your own Blizzard, you take [[10 – 15]|%|] less damage.
Frostblitz Aspect Source: Drop
Frost Nova gains an additional Charge but the Cooldown per Charge is increased by [[30 – 40]|%|].
Snowveiled Aspect Source: Sarat's Lair, Scosglen
Casting Ice Armor makes you Unstoppable for [[2 – 3]|1|] seconds.
Encased Aspect Source: Drop
While Deep Freeze is active, you restore [[10 – 20]|%|] of your Maximum Life and Mana per second.
Aspect of the Unwavering Source: Putrid Aquifer, Kehjistan
Taking direct damage has a [[5 – 10]|%|] chance to reset the Cooldown of one of your Defensive Skills.
Everliving Aspect Source: Drop
You take [[20 – 25]|%|] less damage from Crowd Controlled or Vulnerable enemies.

Utility (Helm | Chest | Gloves | Boots | Amulet)

Aspect NameAspect Power
Aspect of Binding Embers Source: Drop
Flame Shield lets you move unhindered through enemies. Enemies you move through while Flame Shield is active are Immobilized for [[2 – 3]|1|] seconds.
Aspect of Singed Extremities Source: Earthen Wound, Hawezar
After Immobilize wears off, enemies are Slowed by [[25 – 35]|%|] for 4 seconds.
Aspect of Fortune Source: Drop
Your Lucky Hit Chance is increased by [[10 – 20]|%+|] while you have a Barrier active.

Mobility (Amulet | Boots)

Aspect NameAspect Power
Charged Aspect Source: Maddux Watch, Scosglen
Collecting Crackling Energy increases your Movement Speed by [[10 – 15]|%+|] for 4 seconds
Flamewalker’s Aspect Source: Cultist Refuge, Fractured Peaks
Coming in contact with your Firewall grants you [[15 – 25]|%+|] Movement Speed for 4 seconds.
Aspect of the Bounding Conduit Source: Komdor Temple, Dry Steppes
Gain [[20 – 25]|%|] Movement Speed for 3 seconds after Teleporting.

Offensive (Gloves | Weapon | Amulet | Ring)

Aspect NameAspect Power
Aspect of Three Curses Source: Unknown Dungeon, Hawezar
Meteor deals [[35 – 50]|%x|] increased Critical Strike Damage against Healthy targets.
Aspect of Static Cling Source: Wretched Delve, Scosglen
Your casts of Charged Bolts have a [[15 – 25]|1%|] chance to be attracted to enemies and and last 300% longer.
Aspect of Frozen Orbit Source: Drop
Frozen Orb stays in place after reaching its destination and explodes 2 additional times for [[20 – 30]|%|] of its damage.
Serpentine Aspect Source: Drop
You may have 1 additional Hydra active, but Hydra’s duration is reduced by [[20 – 25]|%|].
Aspect of Armageddon Source: Drop
A hail of Meteorites falls during Inferno, dealing [169.125 – 206.25] Fire Damage on impact. Your Meteorites Immobilize enemies for 3 seconds.
Aspect of Conflagration Source: Light's Watch, Fractured Peaks
While channeling Incinerate, your Burning damage is increased by [[20 – 30]|%x|].
Aspect of Ancient Flame Source: Drop
While both bonuses from the Esu’s Ferocity Key Passive are active, your Attack Speed is increased by [[40 – 50]|%|].
Aspect of Engulfing Flames Source: Drop
While enemies are affected by more Damage Over Time than their total Life, you deal [[30 – 40]|%x|] increased Burning damage to them.
Aspect of Shattered Stars Source: Drop
Meteorites fall around Meteor, dealing [123.75 – 165] Fire damage on impact. Your Meteorites additionally Burn enemies they hit for [[123.75 – 165] * 3] damage over 6 seconds.
Glacial Aspect Source: Drop
When you cast Blizzard it will periodically spawn exploding Ice Spikes that deal [165 – 247.5] damage. Your Ice Spikes deal [[20 – 30]|%x|] increased damage to Frozen enemies.
Aspect of the Frozen Wake Source: Drop
_DroWhile Ice Armor is active, you leave behind exploding Ice Spikes that deal [165 – 247.5] damage. Your Ice Spikes Chill enemies for [[0.2 – 0.3]|%|].
Aspect of Piercing Cold Source: Dead Man's Dredge, Fractured Peaks
Ice Shards pierce [ceil(1/([20 – 25]/100))-1] times, dealing [[20 – 25]|%|] less damage per subsequent enemy hit.
Aspect of Biting Cold Source: Drop
When you Freeze an enemy there is a [[25 – 35]|%|] chance they become Vulnerable for 3 seconds.
Storm Swell Aspect Source: Onyx Hold, Dry Steppes
You deal [[11 – 20]|%x|] increased damage to Vulnerable enemies while you have a Barrier.
Aspect of the Frozen Tundra Source: Drop
While Deep Freeze is active, exploding Ice Spikes form in the area, dealing [206.25 – 288.75] Cold damage. Your Ice Spikes have a [[25 – 35]|%|] increased explosion radius.
Aspect of Overwhelming Currents Source: Drop
Unstable Currents has a [[10 – 20]|%|] chance to cast an additional Shock Skill.
Gravitational Aspect Source: Drop
Ball Lightning orbits around you, but its damage is decreased by [[10 – 20]|%|].
Mage-Lord’s Aspect Source: Drop
The Vyr’s Mastery Key Passive's Damage Reduction is increased by [[20 – 30]|%|] for each Close enemy, up to [[20 – 30] * 3|%|].
Aspect of Splintering Energy Source: Crumbling Hekma, Kehjistan
Lightning Spear has a [[11 – 20]|%|] chance to spawn an additional Lightning Spear when you cast it.
Aspect of the Unbroken Tether Source: Drop
Chain Lightning has a [[25 – 35]|%|] chance to chain 2 additional times.
Stable Aspect Source: Drop
While Unstable Currents is not active, your Shock Skills have a [[5 – 10]|%|] chance to trigger a free cast from it.
Elementalist’s Aspect Source: Pallid Delve, Dry Steppes
Core or Mastery Skills cast at or above 100 Mana gain a [[20 – 40]|1%+|] increased Critical Strike Chance.
Aspect of Control Source: Sunken Library, Kehjistan
You deal [[30 – 40]|%x|] more damage to Immobilized, Stunned, or Frozen enemies.

Resource (Ring)

Aspect NameAspect Power
Incendiary Aspect Source: Tomb of the Saints, Kehjistan
Lucky Hit: Burning Damage has up to a [[5 – 10]|%|] chance to restore 10 Mana.
Recharging Aspect Source: Zenith, Fractured Peaks
Each time Chain Lightning bounces off you, gain [4 – 6] Mana.
Prodigy’s Aspect Source: Witchwater, Hawezar
Using a Cooldown restores [15 – 25] Mana.
Aspect of Concentration Source: Drop
Your Mana Regeneration is increased by [[10 – 20]|%x|] if you have not taken damage in the last 3 seconds.
Aspect of Efficiency Source: Domhainne Tunnels, Scosglen
Casting a Basic Skill reduces the Mana cost of your next Core Skill by [[10 – 20]|%|].

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