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How the Renown System Works in Diablo 4

How the Renown System Works in Diablo 4

Nate McKay
How the Renown System Works in Diablo 4

How the Renown System Works in Diablo 4

If you’re looking to max out a character in Diablo 4 it is vital that you learn how the renown system works and how to complete it. The Renown system at its core ensures that you explore almost all of what Sanctuary has to offer. After completing all Renown objectives players will be rewarded with 10 additional skill points, 5 additional potion charges, 400 Obol capacity, and 20 additional Paragon Points.

Entering the Renown System

There is a separate renown board for each zone, totaling 5. Within each Renown tier there are 4 milestones, with each zone board awarding the same things at each tier. Note that Tier 4 and Tier 5 are locked behind World Tier 3 and World Tier 4 respectively.

The Rewards are as follows:

  • Tier 1 200 Points: Bonus XP, 3k gold, +1 Skill Point
  • Tier 2 300 Points: Bonus XP, 10k gold, +1 Potion Charge
  • Tier 3 400 Points: Bonus XP, 25k gold, +1 Skill Point
  • Tier 4 500 Points: Bonus XP, 60k gold, +80 Max Obols
  • Tier 5 600 Points: Bonus XP, 150k gold, + 4 Paragon Points

How to Increase Renown

Renown works off a point-based system. Completing different objectives will grant varying levels of points toward renown. Players will likely find themselves completing the first renown tier within the fractured peaks just by naturally exploring and progressing through the campaign. However further completion will require some pointed effort. So let's talk about the different ways to earn points toward completing renown.

  • Waypoints
    • Point Value 20: Waypoints are a passive way to earn renown through exploration. They grant 20 points each and can usually be found in notable areas or towns. Simply walk up and interact with the waypoint to activate it and success you've now gained 20 renown points and unlocked a new location for fast travel.
  • Strongholds
    • Point Value 100: Strongholds are large enemy bases that require the completion of some unique objective to clear. Strongholds are often incredibly difficult and require a bit of leveling to take on. However, they reward massive renown and are a must-do when going for renown. Check out our Conquering Strongholds guide for more information on how to easily take down these fortifications.
  • Side Quests
    • Point Value 20: Much like any other game in the genre, Diablo 4 features a tons of side quests for the player to complete. There are a fixed number for each region and each finished side quest will grant renown and bonus XP alongside other rewards. Side quests also scale depending on player level so its almost always possible to complete them even early on in your playthrough. So make sure to pick up every side quest you see in order to gain renown.
  • Areas Discovered
    • Point Value 5: Simple and easy to complete, as you explore Sanctuary you might see text granting 5 renown points every time you enter a new area. While this might not seem like much it adds up quickly since Sanctuary is so massive. So keep exploring! It’s an easy way to gain renown.
  • Side Dungeons
    • Point Value 30: For 30 points it sometimes feels like dungeons can be a bit of a hassle if you are completing them solely for renown. Luckily a number of side quests and Aspects center around the dungeon system. Further, Dungeons can be a centerpiece when it comes to character leveling and gearing. So clear dungeons as you come across them, targeting those that contain aspects that synergize with your build.
  • Altars of Lilith
    • Point Value 10: Both tedious and rewarding, Altars of Lilith are scattered throughout the world and you need to go find them. Each altar grants permanent stats as well as renown, so if you’re shooting for those Paragon points you’re gonna have to start looking. Luckily we got you covered. Check out our Altars of Lilith guide series for a comprehensive guide on how to grab each altar!

How to Gain Renown Quickly

There are a number of strategies for speed running renown. We recommend it as a top priority after the campaign as it grants access to a ton of extra power. One of the best ways to power through Renown is to plan a route with Renown in mind. Ideally, attempt to complete all three strongholds for each region as soon as possible. Prioritize completing dungeons and hitting Altars of Lilith along the way, while also making sure to discover each zone. Make sure that you hit every waypoint in each town and take the extra few seconds to grab each side quest. Most objectives will be scattered throughout the open world, so you can complete each as your travels bring you to the required area.

We recommend that if you are solely pushing for renown that you skip cellars and events as they do not contribute towards renown. However, they are good sources of XP so if you are trying to level and complete renown they might be worth your time.


Mastering the Renown system can grant you a ton of extra power before advancing to the Captsone Dungeon and World Tier 3. The extra potion slots and skill points are often pivotal in certain builds so if you want to push at the highest level, you’ll have to check all the boxes. So do your best to finish all the dungeons, Altars of Lilith, Waypoints, Strongholds Side Quests, and Discoverable Areas so you can be the strongest demon-slaying machine this side of Sanctuary.

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