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How to Clear Strongholds in Diablo 4

How to Clear Strongholds in Diablo 4

Nate McKay
How to Clear Strongholds in Diablo 4

How to Clear Strongholds in Diablo 4

An important objective in the Renown system, and an awesome activity to complete, Strongholds are a must do for players exploring Sanctuary. Strongholds are bastions of evil found in key locations within each region of Sanctuary in Diablo 4. Your job is to liberate each stronghold, removing an enemy presence so the region can return to its natural state. Each stronghold has its own backstory and change after it is cleared. Some turn into towns or hubs populated with new vendors, some unlock new side quests and some, once cleared, contain new dungeons for players to complete.

Reviewing The Strongholds of Each Zone

Fractured Peaks


Nostrava is a town turned insidious. As you enter the town it becomes apparent that the villagers have gone mad worshiping Lilith. You’ll proceed into the church to find a priestess who will transform into a succubus sending the town into a state of chaos. You now need to destroy the effigies found within different houses that serve as her source of power.

The objectives for the Stronghold are:

  1. Investigate the village
  2. Speak with the Priestess
  3. Survive the Crazed Villagers' assault
  4. Investigate villagers' homes
  5. Destroy the Demonic Effigies
  6. Return to the chapel
  7. Rekindle the Wanderer's Shrine to conquer Nevesk


Covered in a blizzard, Malnok is a fortification filled with bloodthirsty Frosthorn. Their leader stands in the center of the fort empowered and immune as a result of three Stormcallers casting enchantments upon him. Head to each Stormcaller and slay them to bring down his shield, and then slay the beast to conquer the Stronghold.

The objectives for this Stronghold are:

  1. Search for the source of the storm
  2. Find and slay Ice Clan Stormcallers to stop the blizzard (3)
  3. Return to the center of Malnok
  4. Kill the remaining Ice Clan
  5. Slay Frosthorn
  6. Rekindle the Wanderer's Shrine to conquer Malnok

Kor Dragan

Once a proud fortress within the fractured peaks, Kor Dragan has now fallen to vampires and their control over the fort is apparent. Large blood filled vampiric corruptions block your path. To clear them you must destroy 3 smaller vampiric incubators for each corruption, once all the corruptions are destoryed, a large blood filled mass will become vulnerable allowing you to head down to slay their leader Nilcar, who summons elites to assist him in combat.

The objectives for this Stronghold are:

  1. Explore Kor Dragan
  2. Purge Kor Dragan of vampiric corruption
  3. Slay the remaining Sanguine Knights
  4. Destroy the Vampiric Aberration
  5. Delve into the Archives
  6. Slay Nilcar, the Forgotten Bishop
  7. Rekindle the Wanderer's Shrine to conquer Kor Dragan


Crusaders Monument

A haunted castle filled with the dead souls of its inhabitants. As you enter Crusaders Monument, you’re greeted by the soul of a dead knight who instructs you to collect and purify the skulls and souls of his fallen brothers. Upon doing so you’re thanked by having the fight the corrupted souls of his comrades. Slay them and give them peace.

The objectives for this Stronghold are:

  1. Search the Monument
  2. Clear the Monument of the Undead
  3. Investigate the Graverobber's corpse
  4. Pick up the Exhumed Crusader's Skull
  5. Place the Crusader's Skull in the Ritual Brazier
  6. Search the Graverobber's corpse for the Crusaders' Skulls
  7. Cleanse the Skulls in the Ritual Brazier
  8. Defeat the Crusader Champions
  9. Rekindle the Wanderer's Shrine to conquer the Crusaders' Monument

Eriman’s Pyre

The burning remnants of a village, your task is to free the souls tied to the burning pyre and slay the ghost that brought misery upon this town. Surrounded by fire, and filled with enemies that deal fire damage, we recommend bringing some extra fire resistance for this one.

The objectives for this Stronghold are:

  1. Enter the Burning Village
  2. Speak with the Ghost
  3. Kill the Fallen Overseer
  4. Pick up the Villagers' Remains
  5. Retrieve the Villagers' Remains and use them to extinguish Erimans' fires
  6. Extinguish Eriman's Pyre
  7. Slay Duz'Agur, Erimane's Bane
  8. Rekindle the Wanderer's Shrine to conquer Eriman's Pyre


Located deep within the swamp, Vyeresz is filled with all the enemies one might expect from such a location. Leeches, snakes, and other poisonous horrors await any adventurer that dares attempt to free this stronghold.

The objectives for this Stronghold are:

  1. Explore Vyeresz
  2. Find and destroy the Serpent's Eyes
  3. Open the Serpent's Eye Door
  4. Survive the Cultist onslaught
  5. Explore Vyeresz' Temple Ruins
  6. Slay Dianthus
  7. Rekindle the Wanderer's Shrine to conquer Vyeresz

Dry Steppes


One of the fastest strongholds to complete, if you are a high enough level. Qara-Yisu houses a deadly demon shaman who has taken over a small part of the Dry Steppes. Your job is to go in and clear him out, and you’ll have to find and destroy 3 infernal spire to drawn him out.

The objectives for this Stronghold are:

  1. Explore the Ruins of Qara-Yisu
  2. Find and destroy the Infernal Spires (3)
  3. Investigate the disturbance at the mine
  4. Defeat Utulku
  5. Rekindle the Wanderer's Shrine to clear Qara Yisu

Temple of Rot

This one is not for the faint of heart, filled with cannibals, disgusting monsters, and the rotting remains of massive creatures that we can only hope are extinct, this Stronghold can make even the strongest stomachs a bit ill. Your main goal here is to clear three areas in the stronghold after which a barrier will open allowing you to fight the boss Elagabalus, a giant flesh covered warrior.

The objectives for this Stronghold are:

  1. Slay the Cannibal Champions
  2. Locate Molqarth's Lair
  3. Slay Molqarth
  4. Slay the Spawn of Molqarth
  5. Rekindle the Wanderer's Shrine to clear the Temple of Rot

The Onyx Watchtower

A textbook demonic bandit hideout. Your only goal here is to slaughter everything that looks at you funny. After which Captain Ezmin will emerge from his lair to challenge you. Slay him and conquer the Stronghold.

The objectives for this Stronghold are:

  1. Find a way into the camp
  2. Kill bandits and raze their encampment
  3. Find Ezmin inside the Watchtower
  4. Defeat Captain Ezmin
  5. Rekindle the Wanderer's Shrine to clear the Onyx Watchtower



A Necromancer has taken over this area, covering it in necrotic mass and infesting it with flesh eating slugs and living corpses. Much like previous strongholds it’s time to clear things out. First you’ll engage with the Necromancer dropping her health to about 15% before she dissapears. From there destroy the necrotic mass and begin your fight against her once more.

The objectives for this stronghold are:

  1. Explore Alcarnus
  2. Delve deeper into Alcarnus
  3. Speak with the Necromancer
  4. Slay Rashta, the Mad Surgeon
  5. Investigate the Lair of the Witch
  6. Destroy one of the Necrotic Masses
  7. Slay Rashta's Simulacrums
  8. Destroy the Necrotic Masses
  9. Return to the Lair of the Witch
  10. Slay Rashta Reborn
  11. Rekindle the Wanderer's Shrine to conquer Alcarnus

Altar of Ruin

A dark ritual is being performed here and you need to investigate and put a stop to it. You’ll work your way through a cave system, eventually coming to demonic ruins where you’ll find the ritual being performed. Before you can enter the ritual chamber, you’ll need to secure 3 keys from cultist elites. One inside the chamber you’ll face the ritual leader Maldul who will summon monsters to assist him in the fight.

The objectives for this Stronghold are:

  1. Explore the cavern
  2. Find the Keystones
  3. Use the Keystones to unlock the Ritual Chamber
  4. Slay Dark Cardinal Maldul
  5. Rekindle the Wanderer's Shrine to conquer Altar of Ruin

Omath’s Redoubt Stronghold

A spectral high priestess wielding a powerful ancient staff. Things feel eerie as you enter the stronghold. You’ll be confronted with all kinds of spectral enemies and skeletons. Kill everything that stands between you and the staff. Investigate the staff and draw out the priestess to put and end to her haunting.

The objectives for this stronghold are:

  1. Find a way into Omath's Redoubt
  2. Investigate Omath's Redoubt
  3. Discover the source of the devastation
  4. Inspect the Ceremonial Staff
  5. Slay High Priestess Hadar
  6. Rekindle the Wanderer's Shrine to conquer Omath's Stronghold


Hope’s Light

A drowned witch queen sits deep within this stronghold. However, her lair sits beneath an important lighthouse, so it’s time to take it back. You’ll start by gaining entrance to the lighthouse, this means you’ll have to find a winch to use to create a path forward. Once in you’ll find the drowned witch and put an end to her reign.

The objectives for this stronghold are:

  1. Find a way to the Lighthouse
    1. Turn the winch to create a path forward
    2. Survive the Drowned assault
    3. Find the missing winch
    4. Return the winch to the Broken Mast
    5. Survive the Drowned assault
  2. Slay Tidewitch Ne'gana
  3. Ignite Hope's Light
  4. Rekindle the Wanderer's Shrine to clear Hope's Light

Moordaine Lodge

A search for missing hunters gone wrong. You start your journey looking for evidence. However, you soon discover that the source of their disappearance is far more sinister. Now inhabited by the beast of Moordaine you need to cut him down. We say him because, as you’ll soon discover, the beast of Moordaine is actually Fionnir the Mad Druid.

The objectives for this stronghold are:

  1. Investigate the area around Moordaine Lodge
  2. Find the Lodge's missing hunters
  3. Defeat the Beast of Moordaine
  4. Pursue the Beast
  5. Enter the Beast's lair
  6. Slay Fionnir the Mad Druid
  7. Rekindle the Wanderer's Shrine to conquer Moordaine Lodge

Tur Dulra

Wayward Druid spirits have been trapped and tortured by a sinister demon. Out of mercy you need to charge in there and cut it down. First you’ll need to free the druid spirits, doing so will turn them into Elite Shamans. Once you put them down you’ll be met by the Infernal Tormenter. Slay it and put an end to the madness.

The objectives for this stronghold are:

  1. Enter Tur Dulra
  2. Delve further into Tur Dulra
  3. Approach the Tree
  4. Investigate the Runestone
  5. Find the Druid Spirits
  6. Free the spirits of Tur Dulra's Druids
  7. Return to the Great Oak
  8. Slay the Infernal Tormentor
  9. Rekindle the Wanderer's Shrine to clear Tur Dulra

Are Strongholds Worth Doing?

The short answer is yes, each stronghold grants 100 renown, as well as a ton of experience. Further, depending on the stronghold, players can gain access to new waypoints, towns, and dungeons after clearing a stronghold. So, make a point when you enter a new region to track down and clear each enemy stronghold.

How Should I Prepare to Take on a Stronghold?

Pretty simple, strongholds are gonna be a bit tougher than the average dungeons. That being said each has a minimum level. Make sure you’re at it or close to it to mitigate any issues. Further make sure you go in with full healing vials, and an optimized build. It also never hurts to bring a few friends.

In Conclusion

Strongholds are very important objectives that the player should look to complete as soon as possible when entering a new region. Not just because they grant some great rewards, but because each plays a unique part in the development of the story of Sanctuary and its inhabitants. So, take your time and enjoy these unique objectives.

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