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How To Complete the Diablo 4 Hidden Quest "The Way of Three"

How To Complete the Diablo 4 Hidden Quest "The Way of Three"

Nate McKay
How To Complete the Diablo 4 Hidden Quest "The Way of Three"

How To Complete the Diablo 4 Hidden Quest "The Way of Three"

WARNING: This guide contains spoilers for a quest that is otherwise best left to be solved on your own. So proceed at your own risk!

Beginning The Way of Three

When Stumbling through the open world of Sanctuary most points of interest find themselves marked in some way to indicate to the player that they may want to check it out. However, this system that players have grown all too comfortable with doesn’t mark everything. Sometimes you've got to dig a little deeper to find all of the greater secrets Sanctuary has to offer.

The Way of Three is one such quest. It sits unmarked in the gates to Hell just before the end of the path. However, a keen eye will notice that three plaques can be interacted with. Each contains a riddle; however they seem to make little sense. Further investigation will lead players to interact with a statue on the wall behind the plaques which will ask players to light three flames. So how do we solve this mystery?

Location of the quest start

Plaque 1

Plaque 2

Plaque 3

Step 1 Light the Flames

A careful read of each plaque will lead players to find that each flame represents one of the 3 Prime Evils. These being Diablo, Baal, and Mephisto. Players now have to light a statue representing each Prime Evil, these statues can be found throughout Khejistan. These statues are lit by using the cheer emote while standing in front of them.

Mephisto Statue

First up is the Mephisto Statue which can be found at the location below and the player will know it’s lit correctly when the eyes glow blue.


Diablo is up next and is located just west of the Mephisto statue in the location below. You’ll know you’ve lit this statue correctly if two flames appear in its hands.


Baal is the final statue however this one requires players to finish the Altar of Ruin Stronghold. This is a high-level stronghold and will likely take a decently leveled character to attempt so try not to go in without some levels. The statue is located in the center of the boss room. Knowing you’ve correctly lit this statue is less obvious than the others as the ball in Baal’s hand barely changes color, however, we’ve found that the quest itself is very consistent regarding the statue activation, so cheer closely in front of the statue and you should be good!

Step 2 Enter the Portal

A swift return to the first location will reveal that all three flames have been lit on the back wall, the altar in the center can be interacted with and players can now step inside the portal.

Step 3 Investigate the Cave

Players will be transported to a small shrine-like area in hell not much larger than a cellar. After a bit of dialogue from the soul of a former servant to the Prime Evils discussing their status, the spirit will die.

Step 4 Locate and Destroy the Communing Pillar

Players now need to locate a pillar on the other end of the room. It will be immune, and enemies tethered to it will need to be killed in order to damage it. Once destroyed the quest will complete.


This request requires quite a bit of effort to complete however the rewards seemingly feel a bit lackluster when compared to the effort required to get them. Players will get the typical side quest capsule and some experience for finishing the quest. However, more importantly, The Way of Three is a required side quest if players wish to fully complete everything for the Khejistan region. So, renown hunters should make it a priority to get this done.


The Way of Three is one of the more unique side quests in Diablo 4. It sits unmarked waiting for players to use their own intuition to complete it. While the rewards are seemingly outweighed by the effort required to solve this puzzle, I’d like to think that being an underworld riddle solver makes this quest worth completing on its own.

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