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Lucky Luciano's Updated 150 Million DPS Uber Lilith Destruction Rogue Build

Lucky Luciano's Updated 150 Million DPS Uber Lilith Destruction Rogue Build

Nate McKay
Lucky Luciano's Updated 150 Million DPS Uber Lilith Destruction Rogue Build

Do you want to slay Uber Lilith and deal 150 million damage to bosses? Well look no further because Lucky Luciano has the ultimate Rogue damage build. This insanely high damage build takes advantage of boss stagger and poison imbue with twisting blades to put out massive damage on the toughest enemies. This guide will cover what makes this build work and why it is so strong against Uber Lilith.


The Basics

Lucky’s build takes advantage of a number of powerful synergies within the game to maximize damage against bosses.

  1. Stagger: When it comes to boss damage stagger is king. Filling the stagger bar as quickly as possible forces the boss to stop attacking, and when you’re fighting Uber Lilith this is vital. To increase stagger against bosses Lucky’s build utilizes a number of different things
    1. Penitent Greaves: These unique boots leave behind a trail of frost that chills enemies and applies stagger to bosses
    2. Affixes: Lucky looks for a number of affixes on his items including Lucky hit chance to immobilize, Lucky hit chance to Daze, Crowd Control Duration, and others that increase the amount of crowd control, and in turn, stagger applied to bosses
    3. Poison Trap: This rogue ability, when paired with its enhanced upgrade, applies cc to enemies
    4. Shadow Step: This rogue ability also applies cc when upgraded
    5. Lucky hit chance nodes: These nodes in the skill tree increase Lucky’s lucky hit chance, increasing how often his item affixes proc and apply cc
    6. Manglers Aspect: Gives the player a lucky hit chance that can apply daze when damaging vulnerable enemies, and through the use of Fundamental Puncture enemies are almost always vulnerable
  2. Poison Imbue: Poison Imbuement is the name of the game when it comes to damage in this build, and when combined with twisting blades it allows you to put up massive damage numbers melting boss health bars.
    1. Shadow Imbuement: Shadow Imbuement provides a 12% multiplicative dps boost to poison damage for 8 seconds after it is applied. Make sure to apply it right before the stagger bar fills for maximum effectiveness.
    2. Corruption Aspect: This aspect should be slotted into your crossbow to increase its potency. The aspect increases the potency of your imbuement skill effects against vulnerable enemies.
    3. Fundamental Puncture: This upgrade to your basic ability allows you to constantly apply vulnerable to enemies making them take more damage and synergizing with other portions of the build.
  3. Aspect of Bursting Venoms: We’re giving this aspect its own section because it is just that important.
    1. This aspect has a lucky hit chance to create a poison pool beneath enemies when damaging them with a poison-imbued skill. Furthermore, when standing in the pool poison imbue has no cooldown and no charge limit. This allows Lucky to stack it constantly and a ton.
    2. This aspect synergizes perfectly with pestilent points and poison imbue, the constant cooldown refresh of poison imbue when standing in the poison pool allows you to stack poison on bosses insanely fast, furthermore, to get this effect you gotta stand in a relatively small poison pool, so you might as well stand still, which allows you to take full advantage of the percent damage amp from aspect of the calm.
    3. Pestilent Points: Pestilent points combined with puncture is how we will proc our bursting venoms aspect consistently. Use puncture until a poison pool is up then spam poison-imbued twisting blades.
  4. Twisting Blades: Nothing out of the ordinary here, you’ll use twisting blades with poison imbue, to ramp up your damage dramatically, but Lucky enhances damage here in a few ways
    1. Of course all the other aspects used, and poison imbue, alongside constant boss stagger, allow for tons of twisting blades damage.
    2. Bladedancer’s Aspect: This is the go to twisting blades aspect as it allows your twisting blades to spin around you upon return dealing additional damage.
    3. Improved Twisting Blades: This final twisting blades upgrade applies daze to enemies impaled with twisting blades, further increasing stagger, and allowing for more sustained damage.
  5. Specialization: Combo Points
    1. Lucky takes combo points over inner sight because he has the fists of fate. The general idea here is that once you have enough resource generation between the fists of fate and your other skills, nodes, and affixes, you don’t need inner sight and can sacrifice the resource pool from it to gain increased damage with combo points.


Alongside his powerful skill and aspect choices Lucky also maximizes Paragon

Throughout his Paragon board, Lucky looks to grab rare nodes glyphs and legendary nodes that increase the damage dealt by his skills and status effects.

The general theme across his choices within the paragon boards is to seek out nodes and glyphs that enhance crit chance, damage to poisoned targets, cutthroat skill damage, damage to crowd-controlled enemies, damage to vulnerable, damage to close, and core skill damage.

Pursuing these stats this is how Lucky paths:

  • Starting board: Nothing crazy here, Lucky grabs the Skillfull, Lawless, and Prime rare nodes and takes the Closer glyph. He then paths to the end of the board and goes for deadly ambush.
  • Cunning Strategem: Lucky grabs finisher, lawless and dominant for the core skill damage, basic skill damage, and defensive stats. He slots Versatility for the increased bonus to magic nodes and the non-core and non-basic skill damage increase.
  • Exploit Weakness: Lucky grabs artifice and exploit for the vulnerable damage. He grabs the legendary node for the further increase to vulnerable enemies. Finally he slots Bane for the increased poison damage and the chance to double poison damage.
  • No Witnesses: Lucky grabs training and knowledge for the increased damage and max life. He slots Efficacy for the bonus to rare nodes and the increased imbuement skill potency.
  • Cheap Shot: Lucky grabs oppress, calculated, and devious for the increased damage to crowd-controlled enemies. He slots Tracker for the increased damage to poisoned targets and increased poison duration.
  • Tricks of the Trade: Lucky grabs lawless and focused for the increased damage to elites and the defensive stats. He slots Control for the increased damage to crowd-controlled enemies.
  • Eldritch Bounty: Quick stop here Lucky rotates the board so we are closest to the legendary node. He grabs imbuer for the imbuement skill damage and the legendary node for the increased resistance and damage when using imbuement skills.

How It Destroys Uber Lilith

So how does this build melt Uber Lilith? First, the high stagger allows Lucky to set himself up to chain-twisting blades with poison imbue all while standing in the poison puddle which allows him to refresh the poison imbue stacking it infinitely. The fact that Lucky can keep her staggered means she stays stuck in the poison traps and poison puddles that Lucky creates which further applies poison, all of which is enhanced by the skills, nodes, and affixes that Lucky has equipped to enhance poison and trap damage.

Phase 1

The central idea within the fight is applying as much stagger as possible to enable you to maximize poison imbue with twisting blades. Lucky starts the fight by using shadow step immediately, this automatically starts filling the stagger bar. Importantly, you’ll need to stagger Lilith before her health bar drops below 3/4ths in order to skip all the mechanics of the fight.

Next, Lucky begins his rotation but doesn’t use poison imbue, this ensures that he doesn’t put out too much damage before he staggers the boss. A mix of using poison trap, shadow step, and making sure to stay close to apply the penitent greaves chill is more than enough to quickly build stagger.

Once Lilith’s stagger bar is around 50% Lucky activates poison imbue and begins spamming twisting blades as well as spamming poison imbue when its cooldown resets. This in turn pops aspect of bursting venoms. Lucky makes sure to stand still so his aspect of inner calm also maximizes damage. Right before Lilith's stagger bar fills Lucky then pops Shadow Imbuement for the bonus damage. At this point Lilith’s stagger pops and her fate in phase 1 is sealed. Continued spam of poison imbue, twisting blades, and poison trap absolutely deletes her phase 1 health bar.

Phase 2

As Lilith begins to collect herself for the start of phase 2 it is incredibly important that you drop as many poison traps as possible under her spawn location. This, combined with a shadow step, will start the fight with her stagger bar already built up a ton. Continuing the combo should be enough to stagger her before she can spawn any blood boils. From here it should be safe to shred the boss using the same tactic again.

Note: During phase 2 Lilith will spawn a blood wave, it is imperative that you do not get caught in it, make sure to shadow step to her to avoid the wave, then dash back to the safe portion of the room once the blood wave is clear.

Summing It Up

Killing Uber Lilith is no easy feat unless you come prepared with Lucky’s Poison Imbue 15 million damage Rogue build, at which point the fight is no longer fair for Uber Lilith. Between the constant stagger, and an infinite chance to stack poison on Lilith it’s no surprise that Lucky’s Rogue build absolutely shreds her health bar. To see the full skill tree as well as Paragon, and Aspects for items click here, and don’t forget to check out Lucky’s Channel here for more insanely powerful Diablo IV builds.

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