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Lucky Luciano's Immortal Rogue Build

Lucky Luciano's Immortal Rogue Build

Nate McKay
Lucky Luciano's Immortal Rogue Build

Lucky Luciano is back again with easily the most powerful Rogue build in the game. Between its massive CC, crazy damage, and powerful defensive synergy Lucky can kill Uber Lilith easily, blow through T100 Nightmare Dungeons in minutes, and crush it in PVP. This build takes advantage of some powerful rogue synergies with Poison Imbuement, Aspect of Bursting Venoms, lots of CC options, and crazy burst damage, all topped off with the Barber.


The Basics


  • The Barber Malignant Heart: By far one of the most important hearts in the game right now. The Barber allows you to fill a target with damage after critically striking them, then after a few seconds, they explode for increased damage to themselves and the enemies around them. Super powerful in general no matter the situation, however with this build being so focused on landing crits and gaining bonuses upon doing so, it shines even more.
  • Puncture: Lucky goes for fundamental puncture. Not only does this serve as a consistent source of vulnerable, but it also is the primary skill for stacking Combo Points.
    • Pestilent Points Aspect: Used for even more poison damage, this aspect poison imbues every third cast of Puncture with a higher potency.
  • Twisting Blades: The main source of damage for the build. Lucky specs into Improved Twisting Blades for the daze, granting additional crowd control.
    • Bladedancer’s Aspect: This is the go-to aspect when running Twisting Blades. When the blades return, they orbit around you dealing additional damage.
    • Trick Attacks Passive: Knocks down dazed enemies when you critically strike them. This adds even more crowd control to the build.
  • Poison Imbuement: While Twisting Blades is the primary damage skill you’re spamming, the real damage from this build comes from Poison Imbuement. Lucky specs into Blended Poison Imbuement for the additional poison damage on critical strikes.
    • Aspect of Bursting Venoms: This aspect is what really ramps up Poison Imbuement damage. It grants a 10% lucky hit chance for critical strikes with Poison Imbued skills to create a toxic pool that deals high poison damage. However, what’s more important is that when you stand within the pool your Poison Imbuement skill has no cooldown and no charge limit. This means that you can quickly stack damage on enemies when it pops.
  • Accelerating Aspect: Critical strikes with Core Skills increase attack speed by 30-50% for 3 seconds. Since this build is very focused on landing crits you’ll be able to proc this aspect a lot. This aspect also synergizes incredibly well with the Barber, which also activates on critical strikes.
  • Asheara’s Khanajar Unique Dagger: This unique grants increased attack speed for 4 seconds when hitting enemies.


  • Dark Shroud: Lucky Specs into Countering Dark Shroud which further increases critical strike chance. Important to not here is that Lucky does not put this on the skill bar.
    • Umbrous Aspect: This aspect is the reason Lucky specs into Dark Shroud but leaves it off the skill bar. It grants a 40-60% chance to give a free dark shroud on every critical strike with Marksman Skills. The idea here is that Dark Shroud serves as added defense but also buffs critical strike chance passively.
  • Momentum Key Passive: A great choice here for damage reduction energy regen and movement speed. Since this build has so many crowd control options you’re easily able to stack the passive and keep it stacked.
    • Aspect of Stolen Vigor: As if the Momentum Key Passive wasn’t already strong enough, this aspect grants 201-403 healing per second per stack of the Momentum Key Passive. In this build, considering its ability to easily stack Momentum, this aspect amounts to a constant stream of high-tier healing at all times.
  • Aspect of Might: A defensive powerhouse this aspect grants 20% damage reduction for 2-6 seconds upon using a basic skill. Since the build has you constantly spamming Puncture to apply vulnerable and stack combo points, you’ll essentially always have this bonus.
  • Aspect of Disobedience: The second defensive aspect powerhouse this aspect grants a stacking percent increase to armor for 4 seconds when hitting enemies.
  • Malignant Heart Revenge: A percentage of incoming damage is suppressed, when using a Subterfuge skill all suppressed damage erupts and is amplified by 250% dealing damage around you. This heart is a bit better for its defensive benefit as the eruption damage is capped.

Crowd Control

  • Aspect of Shared Misery: This aspect grants a 30-50% chance when hitting a crowd-controlled enemy for that crowd control to spread to surrounding enemies. It is incredibly powerful within the build because of how much crowd control you have access to.
  • Shadow Step: Great for breaking CC as it grants unstoppable. Lucky takes Methodical Shadow Step which adds a 2-second stun to the ability making it a great offensive and defensive tool.
  • Concussive Passive: Taken to increase crit chance on enemies that you knock down. Really great synergy here with Poison Trap which is a guaranteed knockdown.
  • Unique Boots Penitent Greaves: These boots create a trail of frost behind you that chills enemies and grants a percent damage bonus to chilled enemies. It’s an incredibly powerful ability that applies cc to enemies just by being near them.
  • Poison Trap: Lucky specs into countering Poison Trap for the chance to reset imbuement cooldowns, but Subverting Poison Trap is also a good option for additional damage if you find that your imbuements skills are up often enough.
    • Trap Mastery Passive: Since you’re using Poison Trap on cooldown, and because high crit chance is a big focus for the build, this passive is perfect. It provides, when maxed out, 12% additional critical strike chance against vulnerable and crowd-controlled targets for 4 seconds after using Poison Trap.
  • Malignant Heart Cluster Munitions: Grants a 20% Lucky Hit chance to launch 6 stun grenades that deal decent damage but most importantly stun enemies for .5 seconds. A really great choice for additional CC.

Stat Priorities

  • Helmet
    • Cooldown Reduction
    • Ranks of Poison Imbuement
    • Total Armor
    • Maximum Life
  • Chest
    • Damage Reduction from Close Enemies
    • Damage Reduction from Distant Enemies
    • Maximum Life
    • Total Armor
  • Gloves
    • Ranks of Twisting Blades
    • Attack Speed
    • Critical Strike Chance
    • Lucky Hit Chance
  • Pants
    • Damage Reduction from Distant
    • Damage Reduction from Close Enemies
    • Maximum Life
    • Total Armor
  • Boots Unique Penitent Greaves
  • Amulet
    • Ranks of Imbument Skills
    • Ranks of the Frigid Finesse Passive
    • Energy Cost Reduction
    • Total Armor
  • Ring
    • Critical Strike Chance
    • Maximum Life
    • Vulnerable Damage
    • Lucky Hit Chance
    • Resource Generation
  • Crossbow (taken for the vulnerable damage)
    • Dexterity
    • Core Skill Damage
    • Vulnerable Damage
    • All Stats
  • Dagger
    • Core Skill Damage
    • All Stats
    • Dexterity
    • Vulnerable Damage
  • Unique Dagger Asheara’s Khanjar


  • Starting Board: Lucky grabs all 4 rare nodes for the defensive and offensive stats. He slots Devious for the bonus to nearby magic nodes and the increased damage to crowd-controlled enemies.
  • Exploit Weakness: Lucky grabs Artifice for the vulnerable damage and dexterity. He then slots Control for the increased damage to crowd-controlled enemies and the increased damage to slowed, frozen, chilled, and stunned enemies. After locking down the glyph Lucky grabs Exploit, Unassailable, and Cold Resilience for the vulnerable damage and defensive stats. He exits on the left side of the board.
  • Tricks of the Trade: Roasted 3 times Lucky grabs Focused and Lawless, he slots Closer for the increased Cutthroat Skill damage and the additional defensive stats when wielding a melee weapon. Lucky exits on the top side of the board.
  • Cunning Strategem: Rotated so the legendary node sits at the top right Lucky grabs Lawless and Finisher for the increased Core Skill damage and the increased armor. Lucky slots versatility for the bonus to nearby magic nodes and the bonus to Non-Core and Non-Basic Skills. Lucky exits on the left side of the board.
  • Cheap Shot: Rotated so the legendary node is closest to the entrance. Lucky grabs Safeguard and Spearhead for the increased damage and defensive stats. Lucky grabs the legendary node for the increased damage to crowd-controlled enemies and slots Turf for the increased damage to close enemies and the damage reduction against close enemies.
  • Deadly Ambush: Attached to the right side of Exploit Weakness and rotated so the legendary node is closest to the top of the board. Lucky grabs Cunning for the damage reduction from enemies affected by trap skills and slots Exploit for the increased damage to vulnerable and the additional bonus that makes enemies vulnerable when they damage you (20-second cooldown).
  • No Witnesses: Attached to the top of Exploit Weakness and rotated so the legendary node sits closest to the right side of the board. Lucky grabs Knowledge for the damage and Training for the max life. He slots Efficacy for the bonus to rare nodes and the increased imbuement skill potency.

Wrapping It Up

Playing a Rogue has always been an awesome experience in Diablo IV. However, with builds like this from Lucky Luciano things get taken to a whole new level. Between the crazy high damage synergy and constant uptime on some very powerful defensive aspects, it becomes hard to find something that this build can’t do well. For more powerful Diablo IV Rogue builds check out Lucky Luciano’s channel HERE. Think you can cook up something stronger? Click HERE to view this build in the Diablo Builds calculator! Try and see if you can find ways to increase your damage without sacrificing too many defensive options.

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