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Lucky Luciano's Toxic Shock Rogue Ready for Zir

Lucky Luciano's Toxic Shock Rogue Ready for Zir

Nate McKay
Lucky Luciano's Toxic Shock Rogue Ready for Zir

Lucky Luciano is back again and this time he’s preparing a build to face off against the Abattoir of Zir. This build is incredibly strong, playtested in a Nightmare Tier 100 4-player dungeon entirely solo. Even in this incredibly difficult and upscaled content, this build crushed, blowing through even the strongest enemies the Dungeon had to offer. This build offers incredibly high survivability, high sustained damage, incredible boss-melting potential, and everything else you’ll need to take on Zir. So let's get into it.

The Build

How it works

  • Smoke Grenade
    • When you encounter a pack you’ll want to immediately drop a smoke grenade. Because Lucky has a Countering smoke grenade anything you hit that is affected by smoke grenade has a lucky hit chance to reduce its cooldown by 1 second, or 3 seconds if the enemy is vulnerable. Initially, smoke grenade wasn’t needed because most enemies get one shot. However, for Zir, the mob life is going to be incredibly high, meaning you’ll be able to take advantage of the smoke grenade cooldown resets. Effectively you’ll always have smoke grenade up.
    • Aspect of Shared Misery
      • Dazing everything with your Smoke Grenade and Twisting blades will spread this CC to other nearby enemies. Lucky also takes Trick Attacks which grants a chance to knock down enemies when landing critical strikes, this CC can also spread with Shared Misery. Ultimately this allows you to consistently keep large packs and occasionally even entire rooms completely CC locked while you pump damage.
  • Shadow Step & Tibault's Will
    • As if this build needed more damage, this synergy provides a huge boost. Since Shadow Step is on a fairly low cooldown and provides unstoppable, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the Tibault’s Will increased damage passive, meaning you’ll be dealing 20-40% increased damage pretty much all the time.
    • For some reason Tibault's is currently bugged allowing you to stack combo points up to 22. Condemnation allows you to instantly stack all 22, making for absolutely insane damage.
  • Doombringer
    • Adds a ton of additional damage through the shadow explosion and also provides additional defensive benefits through the damage reduction
  • Condemnation
    • Enhances Combo Points, fully filling them instantly, which provides a super powerful synergy for additional damage since you’re going to be using Combo Points for the damage and movement speed with Twisting Blades
  • Twisting Blades
    • Lucky specs into Improved Twisting Blades, adding another source of CC, which synergizes with Aspect of Shared Misery. Lucky also puts Bladedancer’s aspect on his ring to further enhance twisting blades.
  • Poison Imbuement
    • If there’s a Lucky Luciano Rogue build there is a good chance that Poison Imbuement is in there, and this build is no exception. Lucky uses the powerful synergy with Bursting venoms, Twisting blades, Pestilent points and Poison Imbuement to put out ridiculous poison damage.
    • X’Fal’s Corroded Signet: This unique ring is the perfect item to take when you’re putting out massive damage over time like Lucky does here. It grants a 50% chance for all damage over time effects to erupt for massive damage of the same type, meaning more poison damage, and more damage over time.
    • Aspect of Corruption: Further enhances poison imbuement against vulnerable enemies.
  • Aspect of Disobedience
    • The quintessential defensive aspect, this provides a stacking percent increase to armor when damaging enemies.
  • Harlequin Crest
    • Easily best in slot for all classes this helmet grants a percent damage reduction and +4 ranks to all skills
  • Puncture
    • Your primary source of vulnerability via Fundamental Puncture with the immense amount of attack speed in this build and Pestilent Points granting puncture a Poison Imbuement every 3rd cast this is also how you'll reliably be able to proc Bursting Venoms constantly as you're clearing enemy packs and damaging bosses

Vampiric Powers

  • Accursed Touch
    • Taken for the damage and the ability to apply vampiric curse
  • Flowing Veins
    • The reason why Lucky takes accursed touch, this vampiric power grants 60% increased damage over time to enemies that are moving or affected by a vampiric curse. Since you’re using poison as the primary damage source the bonus here is quite impactful.
  • Prey on the weak
    • Grants 16% increased bonus damage to vulnerable enemies. Since puncture and vampiric curse both apply vulnerable you’ll be able to always take advantage of this power.
  • Ravenous
    • Grants a Lucky hit chance to increase your attack speed by 40% of your total movement speed for 6 seconds, playing as a Rogue using combo points you have insane movement speed, so, when this does proc, it is a powerful attack speed steroid.
  • Undying
    • Casting skills heals you for 3% life doubled when below 50%. A solid choice for sustain.


  • Starting Board
    • Lucky grabs all four rare nodes for the easy boost to offensive and defensive stats.
    • Lucky slots Devious for the additional bonus to surrounding magic nodes and the bonus that increases damage taken by enemies every time you apply a CC effect to them
  • Cheap Shot
    • Lucky grabs Wiles and Devious for the increased damage to crowd controlled enemies and the damage reduction from slowed enemies, he also grabs safeguard, Calculated and Oppress for the Damage to crowd controlled enemies, and damage reduction from elites. He grabs the legendary node for the further increased damage for each nearby enemy that is crowd controlled
    • Lucky slots the new Unique Glyph Tears of Blood to enhance the two increased damage to crowd-controlled enemy nodes. The ability of this glyph to scale these nodes to absolutely insane levels makes it the perfect choice for this spot as the build focuses and applying insane crowd control and then shredding enemies once they’re CC’d.
  • Tricks of the Trade
    • Lucky grabs Focused, Lawless, and Brawler for the increased damage to close, defensive bonuses, and damage to Elites.
    • Lucky slots Turf for the increased damage to close targets and the increased damage reduction
  • Leyrana’s Instinct
    • Lucky grabs Feint and Tolerance for the resistance to all Elements
    • Lucky slots the Control glyph for the increased damage to Crowd Controlled targets and the further increased damage to slowed, chilled, stunned, or frozen enemies.
  • No Witnesses
    • Lucky grabs Knowledge and Training for the max life, dexterity, damage, and intelligence
    • Lucky Slots Efficacy for the increased bonuses to surrounding rare nodes and the increased potency applied to imbuement skill effects
  • Eldritch Bounty
    • Lucky grabs Ready Supply for the imbuement skill cooldown reduction and the bonus to non-physical damage. Lucky grabs the legendary node Eldritch Bounty which grants an increase to your max resistance and 20% increased damage for the imbuement element you just used.

Wrap Up

If you’re facing off against Zir this build is easily the way to go. You won't need to worry about prioritizing massively expensive defensive stat investments when you can stun-lock an entire room preventing everything from attacking you. Once again Lucky Luciano comes in clutch with a build that is destined to absolutely shred the challenges ahead, and help you get the incredibly power Tears of Blood unique glyph. For a link to the build click HERE! For more Diablo IV builds and content check out Lucky Luciano’s channel HERE!

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