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Mastering Hawezar in Diablo 4

Mastering Hawezar in Diablo 4

Nate McKay
Mastering Hawezar in Diablo 4

Mastering Hawezar in Diablo 4

Diablo IV introduces an expansive open-world format featuring five distinct regions: Kehjistan, with a particular focus on its northern desert expanse, Scosglen, the Dry Steppes, the Fractured Peaks, and the swamplands of Hawezar. These regions are significantly larger than any found in Diablo III, ranging from 10 to 20 times their size.

Seamlessly interconnected, players can traverse these areas without encountering any interruptions. Notably, the geographical landscape of these regions undergoes dynamic shifts to accommodate this connectivity. For instance, when journeying from the Fractured Peaks to Hawezar in the south, players will witness a cascade of waterfalls as melting snow enriches the surrounding swamps.


Welcome to the swamps of Hawezar. Located to the south of the Fractured Peaks, east of Kehjistan, players traveling to Hawezar will find themselves surrounded by swamps, dense forests, shallow rivers, and marshes.

Currently little is known about this mysterious swampy region of Sanctuary. Players will face witches, assassins, thieves, man-eating plants, poisonous spiders, and giant snakes. However, we know little about where these enemies will be found, and what kinds of locations players will hope to encounter them within.

What we do know is that not all entities that players encounter will be hostile. It has been hinted that, if the circumstances are right, some of the giant snake-worshipping swamp witches might be willing to impart some knowledge regarding ancient curses unto the player character, for the right price.

Hawezar Lore

The lore for Hawezar reads

"Poison, disease, despair. They coat this whole region like a mold." - Harrison Pink

It has been said that only those who deal in death or wish to find it, come to Hawezar, or that only those who wish to be forgotten come here. Poison, disease, and despair spread over this region like mold, growing and infecting everything within. Hawezar is a deadly land, even to those familiar with its tortuous—and torturous—paths. Swamp Witches intone long-forgotten curses within the swamps, worshiping giant snakes. The Witches may be willing to impart their dark knowledge, but only at a high price.

Man-eating plants hunger for human flesh. It is a place of madness, of black magic, and poisonous spiders are common here. Nevertheless, Hawezar is inhabited by cutthroats, thieves, assassins, and murderers that want to do their dark trades far out of the reach of the forces of like law and order, or groups like the Zakarum.

Hawezar's swamps are fed by waterfalls from the Fractured Peaks due to snowmelt.

Hawezar Known Locations

Currently, the only known location in Hawezar is Witchwater. This is a dungeon that grants the Prodigy’s Aspect when completed. This Aspect is for the Sorcerer and grants 80 mana upon casting an ultimate skill. Check back here post-launch for a full list of all locations in Hawezar!

Hawezar Enviorment Theme

Every good game needs a deadly poisonous swamp that makes players question if entrance into it was ever worth the time. Like Caelid in Elden Ring, The Bitter Coast in Morrowind, and many others, this Hawezar is just that.

Green moss, murky water, and untold horrors sit waiting behind every shrub, ripple, and stone. Add to the mix a demonic presence in the world of Sanctuary and one begins to understand just how horrifying a swamp can become.

Art and in-game screenshots depict what one would expect, viny overgrowth, murky water, and torchlight snuffed by vegetation guiding the way.

In Closing

There is little known about Hawezar based on the beta and footage released. However, as the game launches this guide will be updated, so check back frequently as we learn how to survive the swamps!

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