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Mastering Kehjistan in Diablo 4

Mastering Kehjistan in Diablo 4

Nate McKay
Mastering Kehjistan in Diablo 4

Mastering Kehjistan in Diablo 4

Diablo IV introduces an expansive open-world format featuring five distinct regions: Kehjistan, with a particular focus on its northern desert expanse, Scosglen, the Dry Steppes, the Fractured Peaks, and the swamplands of Hawezar. These regions are significantly larger than any found in Diablo III, ranging from 10 to 20 times their size.

Seamlessly interconnected, players can traverse these areas without encountering any interruptions. Notably, the geographical landscape of these regions undergoes dynamic shifts to accommodate this connectivity. For instance, when journeying from the Fractured Peaks to Hawezar in the south, players will witness a cascade of waterfalls as melting snow enriches the surrounding swamps.


Upon entering Kehjistan players are greeted with a mix of sand dunes sprawling over from the Dry Steppes, dense rain forest, and coastal palm trees fueled by the twin seas. Quickly, players will become acquainted with the inhabitants of the region. These include Mage Clans, cultists, and demons.

Kehjistan is what remains of the great Eastern Empire of Kehjan. Once a pinnacle of civilization what remains of this once great Empire has been reduced to total ruin since the invasion of Sanctuary.

Known Locations

Players coming from Diablo III will recognize many of the locations and zones found within Kehjistan as it was a well-traveled area during the game. Below is a list of those locations and some added ones that we may recall from Diablo 3 and know will be in Diablo 4. However, much of what has happened to Kehjistan since the events of Diablo III is still left to be seen.

So when prowling the desert or navigating the lush jungles players should be on the lookout for new areas, dungeons, secrets, and anything else that the inhabitants of this region have been up to since we last visited the area. Check back frequently as this guide will be updated as we begin our expedition on launch day!

Cities and Towns

  • Al Cut (destroyed)
  • Alcarnus
  • Caldeum (fourth capital)
  • Caldeum's Rest
  • Gea Kul
  • Greater Fahira (ruins)
  • Istani
  • Kehjan (first capital)
  • Khasim Outpost
  • Kurast (third capital)
  • Lut Bahadur
  • Necropolis
  • Tabri's Encampment
  • Travincal
  • Ureh
  • Viz-jun (destroyed, the second capital)


  • Argentek River
  • Arachnid Lair
  • Black Canyon Mines
  • Cave of Burrowing Horror
  • Cave of the Betrayer
  • Dahlgur Oasis
  • Hadi's Claim Mine
  • Howling Plateau
  • Sirocco Caverns
  • Spider Cavern
  • Sundered Canyon
  • Swampy Pit
  • Tunnels of the Rockworm


  • Borderlands
  • Desolate Sands
  • Dry Steppes
  • Flayer Jungle
  • Great Marsh
  • Shassar Sea
  • Spider Forest
  • Tardein Wastes


  • Archives of Zoltun Kulle
  • Black Canyon Bridge
  • Cathedral of Light (destroyed)
  • Chamber of the Lost Idol
  • Chamber of Wisdom
  • Grand Temple of the Triune (destroyed)
  • Halls of the Damned
  • Hidden Conclave
  • Kurast Causeway
  • Library of Zoltun Kulle
  • Tomb of Fahir
  • Tomb of Khan Dakab
  • Tomb of Sardar
  • Vault of the Assassin
  • Vile Cavern

Kehjistan Lore and Environment

East of the Twin Seas lie the emerald jungles of Kehjistan. Long ago ancient tribes were drawn to the area by its promise of a lush forest and bountiful hunting grounds. However, upon settling a startling discovery was made. Not only was the region a perfect environment to thrive in, but it also contained nodes of magical energy.

Those among the new inhabitants with an innate ability to channel the arcane were immediately aware of the magical power surrounding them. Thus began the first of the mage clans, from here the Vizjerei, the Ennead, and the Ammuit, began.

Much like any situation where newly formed groups gain immense power war ensued. These were dubbed the “Mage Clan Wars” and they nearly destroyed the Mage Clans. This war lasted 7 years. In the aftermath of war little survives, and this proved true for the Kehjistani Empire.

Since the war Kehjistan has yet to return to its former glory and things have only gotten worse. Its people began to turn away from the arcane to focus on religion and faith. This resulted in the Zakarum faith gaining influence.

As the Zakarum faith began to reach towards fanaticism it eventually succumbed to the influence of Mephisto the Lord of Hatred, a powerful demon. Ultimately Mephisto was defeated by a group of heroes in 1264, and with his fall, the religion lost much of its influence.

Today Kehjistan stands as ruins of what was a once great empire. Zakarum is still the dominant religion, and practice of the arcane has subsided substantially. With plagues of drought, heat, and sandstorms swallowing towns it seems as unlikely that Sanctuary will ever see the Kehjistan that once was.

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