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PlayDohBear's One Shot Uber Lilith Necro Build

PlayDohBear's One Shot Uber Lilith Necro Build

PlayDohBear's One Shot Uber Lilith Necro Build

If you’re looking for some min-maxing powerhouse necro fun to destroy Uber Lilith with then look no further! PlayDohBear brings you a one shot Uber Lilith Necro Build that surely will get you on the edge of your seat when you see just how easy this build makes this boss fight. To get to this stage it will take quite a bit of high end gear and the right skill and paragon setup. I will be giving a brief summary of how the build works as well as gear stats to look for. Make sure to watch the full video here for details regarding this build and the Uber Lilith fight itself. And for an in depth look at the layout and statistics of this build on our Build Calculator, click here.


  • Bone Splinters: This is our basic attack that we use to get essence back, not much to say about this one
  • Corpse Tendrils: We will use this skill to gain massive damage and crit chance boost whenever we use this skill due to the Grasping Veins aspect that we will be using.
  • Blood Mist: Used to prep corpses for the initial part of the fight in phase one, for the one shot burst to skip to the next phase without even having to bother with the fight mechanics
  • Corpse Explosion: Used to prep our flesh eater damage boost and get some essence back from Grim Harvest
  • Bone Storm: Used in phase two for the extra crit chance
  • Bone Spear: This is used for our DPS

Gear Stat Priorities

  • Helmet
    Deathless Visage (Unique)
    Socket: Ruby
  • Chest Piece
    Aspect: We can use one of the three following Aspects here: Aspect of Disobedience, Aspect of the Protector or Aspect of Might
    Stats: Focus on damage stats so try to get Bone Skill damage, Physical Damage, raw Damage and INT
    Sockets: Ruby
  • Gloves
    Aspect: Serration
    Stats: Attack speed, +4 Ranks of Bone Spear, Crit Strike Chance, Crit Strike Damage with Bone Skills
  • Pants
    Temerity (Unique)
    The unique effect of this item is used with the Conceited aspect to give us increased damage while we have a barrier. Simply use a potion and when your hp is full you will gain a barrier for 8 seconds
    Sockets: Ruby
  • Boots
    Aspect: You can use any Aspect you want on the boots since none of the aspects actually do anything for the Uber Lilith fight specifically so just take whatever you like
    Stats:Focus on INT and All Stats here for a little bit of extra damage
  • Amulet
    Aspect: Grasping Veins for the increased Crit Chance and Crit Damage
    Malignant Heart: Dark Dance
    Stats: Focus on Ranks of the Evulsion Passive and Essence Cost Reduction. You could also use Compound Fracture instead of Evulsion if you would prefer. Try to get at least one damage stat here as well which could be percentage INT, Physical Damage, raw percent damage or damage with Bone Skills
  • Ring 1
    Aspect: Conceited
    Malignant Heart: Tempting Fate
    Stats: Crit Chance, Max Essence and Vulnerable Damage
  • Ring 2
    Aspect: Inner Calm
    Malignant Heart: The Barber. The duration here does matter based on your DPS and this is covered in detail on the video in the step by step section for the fight
    Stats: Vulnerable Damage, Crit Strike Chance, Max Essence
  • Weapon
    Two-Handed Sword
    Aspect: Splintering
    Stats: Focus on INT, Vulnerable and Core Damage, get a fourth damage stat if possible but three is enough as long as it’s the first three mentioned.
    Sockets: Emerald

Book of the Dead

  • Skeletal Warriors: Sacrifice Skirmisher warriors for the extra Crit Chance
  • Skeletal Mages: Sacrifice Cold mages for the extra Damage to Vulnerable enemies
  • Golems: Sacrifice Iron golems for the extra Crit Damage


IMPORTANT: Make sure you order your Paragon board correctly otherwise you will lose out on the rare node bonuses due to the requirements for those nodes increasing with each added board. I will be listing the boards used and in the order they are used. For complete details on what nodes to take and how to place the boards, please click here to view this build in the Build Calculator and it will show you everything in detail.

  • 1. Start (Sacrificial Glyph)
  • 2. Bone Graft (Exploit Glyph)
  • 3. Scent of Death (Imbiber Glyph)
  • 4. Flesh-eater (Gravekeeper Glyph)
  • 5. Bloodbath (Essence Glyph)

The most important damage buffs in our Paragon board for this fight will be Imbiber for the damage while healthy and Flesh-eater for the increased damage for 6 seconds when consuming 5 corpses.

Finishing statement

All in all I think that this build is insane for taking down Uber Lilith. If that’s your goal then you have to try this build out before it gets the nerf bat taken to it! For a detailed step by step video guide by PlayDohBear, watch his video here and make sure to check it out here in the Build Calculator so you can be certain you haven’t missed anything.

Have a great day!


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