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Poolnoodlex's Top 5 Starter Builds for Season 1

Poolnoodlex's Top 5 Starter Builds for Season 1

Nate McKay
Poolnoodlex's Top 5 Starter Builds for Season 1

Diablo IV, the highly anticipated action role-playing game, has taken the gaming world by storm with its immersive gameplay and diverse character classes. Among all the incredibly exciting choices one can find in Diablo, selecting the right build is crucial to ensuring a smooth journey through the dark and treacherous world of Sanctuary. Think about it like picking your starter Pokemon! In this article, we will explore the five best starter builds for Season 1 of Diablo IV, curated by Poolnoodlex!

The Mighty Whirlwind Barbarian

The Barbarian class kicks off our list with the Whirlwind build, an intuitive and powerful choice for both beginners and experienced players. Boasting impressive versatility, this build can tackle any content, making it ideal for the entire game. Poolnoodle recommends essential skills such as Lunging Strike, Whirlwind, Tactical Rallying Cry, and Wrath of the Berserker for boss encounters. When it comes to passives players can feel free to find what they enjoy, but, booming voice is a must have. Key offensive aspects include Echoing Fury from Sirroco Caverns and Dire Whirlwind from Garan Hold. Check out the basic build here then customize for further use.

  • Playstyle: Use lunging strike to generate fury, and supplement this with the echoing fury aspect as long as any of your sounds are up. Enhanced Whirlwind should be able to maintain itself as you progress to dungeons with higher enemy density.

The Rampaging Pulverize Poison Creeper Druid

Next up is the Pulverize Poison Creeper Druid, favored by Poolnoodle as a preferred leveling build. Known for its hefty hulk smashes, this build exhibits exceptional durability and damage output, perfect for advancing through higher tiers of the game. Skills like Storm Strike, Pulverize, and Grizzly Rage combined with aspects like Ursine Horror, Ballistic, Quick Sand, Retaliation, and Mending Stone will ensure a smooth and rewarding journey. Check out the basic build here then customize for further use.

The aspects you'll want to get are Ursine Horror from Belfry Zakara in Hawezar, Balistic from whispering pines in Scosglen, Quick Sand from Ferals Den in Scosglen, Retaliation from

Seaside Descent in Dry Steppes, and Mending Stone from Sealed Archives in Dry Steppes. All these work together by making your pulverize an earth skill and then chaining off each other based on that. It takes a bit to farm all the aspect dungeons, but very much worth it if you're leveling a druid.

  • Playstyle: Pulverize is your resource spender and it overpowers every 12 seconds that your healthy, Poison creeper and trample are used on cooldown as additional damage and crowd control, earthen bulwark generates Fortify which buffs EVERYTHING, and then grizzly rage is your super sayain form. Passives are up to you to decide what you want, and why.

The Dexterous Twisting Blades Rogue:

For players seeking high-speed action and graceful combat, the Twisting Blades Rogue is a fantastic choice. Though it may lack initial tankiness, this build rewards those who master its finesse. Key skills include Fundamental Puncture, Advanced Twisting Blades, Shadowstep, Dash, and Shadow Blades. Aspects such as Blade Dancer, Edgemasters, and Ravenous will amplify the rogue's deadly dance across the battlefield. Check out the basic build here and customize for further use.

  • Playstyle: Use Puncture to generate resource and to apply vulnerability, then slam you blades into a target and dash or shadowstep through the crowd. Time it perfect so the blades rip through everything you just dashed through when they return back to you.

The Electrifying Chain Lightning Sorcerer:

Unleash the power of lightning with the Chain Lightning Sorcerer, a build that excels at obliterating single targets and AOE encounters. While it may lose some of its potency in the late game, this build remains a formidable force in earlier stages. Recommended skills are Arc Lash, Greater Chain Lightning, Teleport, Ice Armor, Frost Nova, and Unstable Currents as the ultimate. Make sure to equip Recharging, Edgemasters, Expectant, and Control aspects for optimal mana management and devastating attacks. Check out the basic build here and customize for further use.

  • Playstyle: This one is pretty simple, lock everything down and fire your laser beams!

The Ominous Shadowblight Summon Necromancer:

Lastly, for players who enjoy controlling an army of minions, the Shadowblight Summon Necromancer is the perfect fit. Although it was a tough choice between Bloodsurge and Sever, Poolnoodle believes Shadowblight synergizes best for a true summoner experience. Choose between Acolytes Reap or Acolytes Decompose, Supernatural Blight, Corpse Explosion, Bloodmist, or Corpse Tendrils for various playstyles. Aspects like Umbral, Reanimation, Grasping Veins, and Blighted will amplify your summons' might and ensure an exciting and powerful gameplay experience.

  • Playstyle: This build can be played a number of ways depending on how you’d like to pick your skills. Players can use acolytes reap or acolytes decompose to generate corpses. Supernatural blight is great for boosting summoner damage. Players can also take bloodmist as a perfect oh shit button. Basically, customize this build keeping how you want to play in mind. Check out the starter build here and customize for further use.


Diablo IV's Season 1 introduces players to a world of thrilling challenges and endless possibilities. As you embark on this adventure, choosing the right starter Pokemon build can make a significant difference in your journey through Sanctuary. Poolnoodle's expert recommendations offer a diverse array of options, ensuring that players of all preferences and playstyles can find their perfect fit and conquer the darkness that awaits. So, gear up, select your class, and let the adventure begin!

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