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Season 1 Renown Strategy From PoolenoodleX

Season 1 Renown Strategy From PoolenoodleX

Season 1 Renown Strategy From PoolenoodleX

As you enter Season 1 of Diablo IV you’ll begin to tackle the more tedious aspects of leveling. However, one unavoidable mountain before you is finishing renown to get the sweet additional skill points and paragon points. Luckily, Poolnoodlex comes in clutch with a short video showing you a simple strategy on how to power through the long path that is the renown grind.

There are 6 ways to gain renown in each region.

  • Obtain Waypoints
    • Each town and key location on the map has a waypoint for fast travel, as you progress make sure to stop and activate each one for a quick renown grab
  • Defeat Strongholds
    • If you’re leveling it’s already recommended that you conquer each stronghold, alongside the massive renown value they also grant a ton of XP and unlock new potential dungeons, side missions, and waypoints. So, make sure to do each one as you reach the appropriate level.
  • Complete Sidequests
    • This can be one of the more tedious aspects of the renown grind, however, it is worth the XP and can be maximized. Many side quests are tied to dungeons which you’ll already need to complete to unlock aspects and gain renown, so make sure to grab what you can during your travels.
  • Discover New Areas
    • Plain and simple, run around, unlock the map, gain renown.
  • Complete Dungeons
    • When leveling it’s likely you’ll be passively doing this. Make sure not to farm the same dungeon over and over again, instead try to complete as many new dungeons as you can, while keeping in mind what aspects your class needs.
  • Unlock Altars of Lilith
    • Easily the most tedious of these tasks, you’ll want to check our interactive map Here to make sure you grab every one you can while in each area doing other things. Note that the stat bonuses alone make this worth your while.

Don't worry, you won't have to do 100% of these things just to unlock all 5 renown levels. Poolnoodlex's suggested strategy for getting to renown 5 per region is simply uncover the full map and get the waypoints while defeating the strongholds and grabbing the altars of Lilith along the way. This gives you a much better understanding of the world as well as plenty of stat points from the altars which really make a difference.

Use our interactive Diablo 4 map Here to find the locations of everything you need.

The last few things left to do are side quests and dungeons. Pick up as many side quests for the area you're in as you can and just do them as you travel to the various dungeons in the area. Just note that there is a limit so try your best to complete side quests in a timely manner before loading up on new ones.

That's really all there is to it; no fancy tricks, just lots and lots of travel time. Thankfully the interactive map we have makes it so much easier to find everything and maximize your time in each area of Sanctuary. For more info on how to crush your Diablo IV leveling experience check out PoolnoodleX's channel Here. Also, check out our Diablo IV build calculator Here to learn more about your build and how to maximize it.


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