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Stat Priority: Druid

Stat Priority: Druid

Jake "Mjolnirlol" Staab
Stat Priority: Druid

Stat Priority: Druid

Written by Jake “Mjolnirlol” Staab

Druid - Nature's warden, protector - keeper. The embodiment of nature and strength. Through Diablo’s franchise, after introducing them during Diablo 2’s expansion pack, they have been that “zoo keeper” that had nothing to do with death and corruption, unlike its Necromancer counterpart. When it comes to the druid, don't let your first expectations while leveling sway your opinion, Druid is insanely strong, and with this guide you will understand just how to make your druid that much stronger!

Druids are affected by stat weights as follows:

  • Strength: 1 Armor per Point
  • Intelligence: +0.05% All Resistance per Point
  • Willpower: +0.1% Healing Received/ +0.25% Overpower Damage per Point
  • Dexterity: +0.025% Dodge Chance per Point

Druid Specific Stat Weights:

  • Strength: Increases Armor by +x (1 Strength = 1 Armor)
  • Intelligence: Increases All Resistances by +x.xx% (1 Intelligence = 0.05% All Resist)
  • Willpower: Improves Healing Received by +x.xx% - 1 Willpower = 0.1% Healing Received
  • Dexterity: Improves Chance to Dodge attacks by +x.xx% - 1 Dexterity = 0.025% Chance to Dodge

Druid has many builds that have been found during previous Beta weekends and for the most part, people are mainly looking to play an Earth Pulverize, Earth Druid, Lightning Druid, Poison/Bleed Werewolf, and Tornado Druid - to name a few. This just goes to show that druid has many endgame possibilities based on what ends up dropping for you in-game.

With Druid, it's far easier to adapt to your play style based on gear than it is to fully build your druid to a specific build and hope that the right aspects drop. This is because, truthfully, you don't know when that next big juicy drop is going to come.

We hope that you found this guide helpful - all while being short and to the point. Help yourself maximize your damage by prioritizing Willpower and Dexterity to help you hit those large damaging numbers. If you're looking to run a bleed/poison build, then Intelligence and Willpower may be more beneficial. The choice is yours. Happy hunting!

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