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Update to Lucky Luciano's Toxic Shock Rogue

Update to Lucky Luciano's Toxic Shock Rogue

Nate McKay
Update to Lucky Luciano's Toxic Shock Rogue

With the Abattoir of Zir finally out Lucky Luciano has had a chance to put his build to the test all the way up to Tier 10! With that in mind a few changes have been made to the build, for the full article covering the prechanged build click here!


The Changes

  • Pants
    • Lucky swaps out the unique Tibault's Will for Legendary pants with the Aspect of Might. The primary focus for many of these changes is on increasing defensive stats and bonuses. The Aspect of Might fits that line of thinking quite well. It provides a net 20% damage reduction for 2-6 seconds after landing a basic skill. A bonus that Lucky can keep up infinitely with how often he has to cast puncture.
  • Dagger
    • Lucky swaps out the unique dagger Condemnation for a legendary dagger with accelerating aspect. Ultimately, because a huge focus of the build is to proc Bursting Venoms with Puncture, and then spam twisting blades with poison imbuement in the Bursting Venoms pool, the additional attack speed from accelerating aspect makes much more sense as opposed to the combo point-related bonuses with Condemnation.


A few changes made here to better optimize the board. The new order is as follows:

  • Starting Board
    • No substantial changes made here
  • Cheap Shot
    • Lucky swings down to the left side of the board and grabs Spearhead. This change was made because this is the board that Lucky runs the Tears of Blood glyph. Since Tears of Blood enhances surrounding rare nodes in a significantly expanded radius, you almost always wanna grab as many rare nodes as you can to reap the maximum benefit. Note that you only want to grab the nodes further away from Tears of Blood when the glyph has been sufficiently leveled to provide a bonus to them (around level 50).
  • No Witnesses
    • Lucky then specs into this board, he grabs Ruin, Knowledge, and Training for the max life and offensive stats. He slots Efficacy for the bonus to surrounding rare nodes.
  • Leyrana's instinct
    • Attached to the top of Cheap Shot, Lucky grabs Tolerance, Feint, Poison Resilience, and slots Versatility. This selection provides solid defensive bonuses like increased poison resistance, max life, and resistance to all elements, while also providing some offensive benefits like damage to elites and damage for 4 seconds after dodging an attack. The glyph choice here further enhances the surrounding rare nodes.
  • Eldritch Bounty
    • Attached to the left of Leyrana's Instinct and is the final board used. Lucky grabs Dosage, Restorative, and Ready Supply for the raw stats, potion healing, Imbuement CDR, additional non-physical damage, and max life. Lucky Slots Control for the damage to crowd controlled enemies (since this build applies heavy CC). Lucky then grabs the legendary node for additional resistance against poison (the imbuement element used) and additional poison damage.

Note that the paragon changes here primarily focus on providing additional defensive stats, which was ultimately the primary logic Lucky approached this improved version of the build with. The Abattoir of Zir is an incredibly difficult challenge. While the build performs incredibly well against large elite packs, the additional defensive stats encompassed within these changes were made to better tackle the blood seekers found at the end of the activity. They represent a challenge much different from the earlier elite packs and Lucky does not recommend trying to face tank all three of them damaging you at once, even with the additional defensive changes made here. For more Diablo IV content check out Lucky's Channel here!

That's all we have today for the new and improved Toxic Shock Rogue, by Lucky Luciano, a build that can crush the Tier 10 version of the Abattoir of Zir!

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