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Which Class Should You Play?

Which Class Should You Play?

Which Class Should You Play?

So, you’re ready to boot up Diablo 4 but are having some trouble deciding which class is best for you? Well look no further. Here is a quick breakdown of the Diablo 4 classes to help you decide how you’re going to rip through hell.

What is the Barbarian Class in Diablo 4?

Barbarians are Diablo 4’s primary tank. They are great at soaking up damage, distracting opponents, and have a wide range of weapon specializations to enjoy. Barbarians scale with Strength, Willpower and Dexterity, and are the only class that can carry extra weapons.

Are you someone who likes to be surrounded at all times, jumping into the pile, slashing through the horde, carving a path forward for your allies? Then the barbarian might just be the perfect class for you.

As a barbarian you are a big warrior with a big sword, well many big swords, and other awesome weapons too! The barbarian can carry more weapons than any other class, benefitting from the unique aspects of each.

You’re big, you’re strong, and you pack a punch. You will be in the middle of combat as much as possible, inflicting bleed status and building rage while you push through combat. Here’s some more specifics on Diablo 4’s Barbarian class.

What is the Sorcerer class in Diablo 4?

Sorcerers are the ultimate high-risk, high-reward “glass cannon” character type in Diablo 4. They are the “glass cannon” archetype, meaning they are extremely powerful in combat but extremely unforgiving to mistakes. Sorcerers scale with Intelligence, Willpower and Dexterity, and work best alongside a tanky ally, such as a Barbarian.

Do you enjoy being a glass cannon, finding the perfect places to position yourself as you cast powerful spells that obliterate all that dare meet your gaze? Well then, you might just be a Sorcerer.

As a master of magic, Sorcerers manipulate the battlefield, keeping away from danger as you incinerate, shock, and freeze your enemies. While Sorcerers are capable of dealing massive ranged damage, they are far more fragile than the other classes, this means that only the most calculated minds will stand against the horde. If you think you have what it takes to be a master Sorcerer, check out our Diablo 4 Sorcerer class overview to learn more!

What is the Necromancer class in Diablo 4?

Necromancers summon an undead army to assist them, making them the perfect class for solo players who don’t want to be dependent on other players. Diablo 4 does offer Necromancers some versatility, offering the ability to sacrifice their summons to enhance their own abilities. Necromancers are possibly the most versatile class in Diablo 4, able to play a wide range of styles throughout the course of gameplay.

As powerful Scythe wielding-reapers, Necromancers command an undead army. At level 5, they gain Book of the Dead, allowing them to summon powerful undead allies of three distinct categories: Warrior. After a level 15 quest, they gain a new summonable (the Mage) and a final summonable after a level 25 quest (the Golem).

Necromancers can summon their allies to aid them staying in the backline while the undead do all the work or they can sacrifice their undead allies, enhancing their stats and abilities for a short time, during which they are unable to summon more allies.

Stats gained will depend on the ally sacrificed (for example, sacrificing a blood golem will increase a Necromancer’s max health for a brief period). Necromancers primarily scale Strength, Intelligence, Willpower, and Dexterity.

A Necromancer has huge discretion in choosing how to engage enemies through both summons and sacrifices. Necromancers also can use curse skills such as Iron Maiden and Decrepify, which deal damage over time and increase the damage dealt to those that are cursed. Necromancers exceed throughout the slaughter as their Corpse skills will take advantage of enemy corpses. If you think you have what it takes to command an undead army, check out our Necromancer Class Overview.

What is the Rogue class in Diablo 4?

A classic fan favorite, Rogues give players the ability to crunch difficult decisions, quickly adapting strategies throughout the course of a fight. Rogue are unique from their specialization system where they can access Combo Points, Inner Sight, and Preparation (at 15, 20, and 30 respectively). Due to their combo damage, rogues are momentum-based, requiring good foresight and excellent execution to maintain top damage output.

Back from Diablo 2 (and similar to the demon hunter in Diablo 3), the Rogue is a sneaky assassin style class that can specialize in close quarters or ranged combat. Rogues take advantage of stealth and quick movement to jump in and out of favorable combat situations. Rogues gain access to poison, cold, and shadow damage through their class abilities and can further specialize as they level up.

Each specialization allows the rogue to take advantage of different play style. Rogues also take advantage of stealth, allowing them to enter combat, kill enemies, go invisible and retreat before picking their next entrance. If you think you have what it takes to stalk the battlefield then check out our Rogue class overview.

What is the Druid Class in Diablo 4?

Druids are a versatile, shape-shifting class capable of speccing into tankier, AOE-damaged specialization or a ranged caster focusing on backline damage. Each of the druid’s forms have different strengths.

The Druid returns from Diablo 2 as a wielder of storm and earth magic, as well as powerful shapeshifting abilities. Druids can be a ranged caster, or they can shape-shift into other forms: the Werebear for a robust, tanky style with AOE damage, or a Werewolf, for a viscous targeted-damage style perfect for cutting down enemy tanks.

Werebear druids will be tankier focusing on AOE and damage mitigation. Werewolf druids will focus on shredding their enemies, sacrificing tankier stats to deal massive damage. Druids can also take advantage of magic in each of their forms with Werebears generally using more earth magic and Werewolves chaining lightning magic.

Druids also gain access to wolf companions that will fight alongside them. Shapeshifting Druids can be seen sprinting head first into combat alongside Barbarians diving in entering their chosen form. If you think you have what it takes to tame the beast check out or Druid Class overview!

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