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1.1.4 Hotfix

1.1.4 Hotfix

Dylan "LessVestige" Carlson
1.1.4 Hotfix

A new popular exploit has been making the rounds in the Diablo 4 economy which allows players to farm Seeds of Hatred at an excessive rate. If you haven’t already cashed in on this exploit, you're a little too late because they just squashed this bug in the latest hotfix. The rewards available for purchase using the Seeds of Hatred are there to be earned from hard work and displaying your skill in PvP zones around the map. This exploit went against the essence of what these rewards were intended to symbolize: your dedication to PvP.

Seeds of Hatred are a currency earned in the Fields of Hatred areas spread throughout the map by killing demons and completing events within the zone. You also have the option to hunt down other players and take their seeds by force. These seeds can then be turned into Red Dust and used as currency to purchase scrolls that give players an advantage in PvP or to buy cosmetics for each character class and even your mount. By choosing to display these unique looks, you are also showing your prowess for all to see.

With the intent of keeping with the idea of having goals to reach and display your mettle, Blizzard released a hotfix that removed this exploit.

Fixed an issue where Seeds of Hatred could be acquired at an excessive rate in certain scenarios.” - Community Manager filthierich

This is not all bad news though if you did not get in on the exploit, this hotfix also comes with a pretty solid boost to experience gain for killing monsters in World Tier 3 and 4.

Experience gains for killing monsters has been increased in World Tiers 3 & 4

  • World Tier 3: Experience gain increased by 5%
  • World Tier 4: Experience gain increased by 15%” - Community Manager filthierich

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