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10 Best Hardcore Deaths in The Diablo 4 Race to World First So Far

10 Best Hardcore Deaths in The Diablo 4 Race to World First So Far

Nate McKay
10 Best Hardcore Deaths in The Diablo 4 Race to World First So Far

10 Best Hardcore Deaths in The Diablo 4 Race to World First So Far

As our hardcore competitors for the race to world first level 100 Diablo 4 competition begin to reach the finish line we’d like to take a brief moment to remember the heroes who fell along the way. While some deaths may be more notable than others, the sacrifices of each will be remembered.


Partied with Shroud, Exile pushed hard playing rogue and running the signature twisted blades build we’ve all seen dominating the leaderboard. However, where the rogue excels in dealing massive damage, they often fall vulnerable to one-shots. For exile this was the case. As he popped his cooldowns he dashed into the exploding fire effects of a fallen dungeon enemy and was blown the pieces at level 76 as a result. Check out the clip here!


Playing Sorcerer running and Arc lash and ice build Ziqoftw pushed to roughly level 40 before he met his fateful end. Wandering the open world on world tier two he came into contact with a common pack of skeletons surrounding some elite cult mages. Maybe he let his guard down, not thinking that a small pack could inflict any real damage. However, he soon found trouble as a perfect combo of three attacks from the mages and a few hits from the skeletons all landed at once one shotting him. Check out the clip here!


Playing a Barbarian running a double swing Build Zzav was going strong. Barbarian is great because they are naturally tanky. However, as many hardcore players including Zzav discovered, no one is safe from sudden death. At level 58 Zzav was cut down after being cornered by a pack of drowned with no cooldowns. He tried to pop some potions and dash away, but his efforts were too late and the drowned Brine Maw slammed its pillar down onto his head. Check out the clip here!


Playing Sorcerer isn’t always forgiving. While they have access to barrier and some other defensive options they are still vulnerable to getting popped if one isn’t careful. Rizarjay found this out the hard way. Sitting at level 35 and exploring the open world in WT1 Rizarjay came across a level 34 infested Rotsplinter. Things were going well until he stepped a bit too close. Eating two hits while sitting in a poison puddle spelled his doom. Check out the clip here!


Some deaths feel more painful than others. As ViciousSymbiote was running a dungeon on Rogue things were taking a turn for the worse. Down to his last potion and with half the boss's health left he saw little choice other than to pop a scroll of escape and retreat to safety. However, as he opened his consumable menu to click on the scroll something went wrong. Either he misclicked or the game bugged out, but the scroll didn’t pop, and as a result, he was sent to the hall of heroes. Check out the clip here!


Another day another Rogue one shot. With risk comes reward and that seems to be the name of the game when it comes to Rogue. Massive potential to fly through dungeons, but one misstep and you might find yourself starting at the main menu and contemplating life choices. Sadly for ChronikzTR this lesson was learned the hard way. Pushing through a dungeon he cut down a pack of banshees, a few among them dropping position and flame explosions. ChronikzTR attempted to engage the final enemy, failing to see the explosions amongst all other effects, and suddenly, without warning, found himself one shot at level 49. Check out the clip here!


Exploding corpses seem to be a staple of Necromancer gameplay. However, they say one who lives by the sword is bound to die by the sword, and for Wiba this seems to have rung true. As he pushed through the final act of the campaign he found himself faced with a pack of exploding enemies, thinking he could tank it he pushed through, only to eat two explosions at once, sending him back to the menu. Check out the clip here!


“Fresh Meat” a line that strikes fear into the heart of any hardcore player. While most run away, we have respect for the brave souls that choose to challenge the butcher instead of turning tail. However, the likelihood of a gruesome fate is unsurprising. For Meantnt_ his stand against the butcher would be a final one. At level 50 on a rogue, he used the class’s mobility to the fullest dropping the butcher below half health. However, when the butcher tossed out a chain hook and pulled him in at half health, it was all over. We’ll pay our respects in the hall of heroes. Check out the clip here!


One of our most painful deaths to watch. Not all things are fair in Diablo 4, and Maximum understands this all too well. Pushing on a Sorcerer at level 52 Maximum was in a dungeon when he came across a pack of elite frost enemies. They began spawning frost crystals. Max accidentally stepped on one, freezing him. From there he was perma stunned locked and we all watched in horror as new crystals kept spawning on him before he could move. As his potions dwindled he attempted to close the game. However, this would not save him, and when he logged back in he was greeted by a prompt to visit his now-deceased character in the hall of heroes. Check out the clip here!


Shroud was playing druid and pushing hard with his team. As they found their way to the capstone things were looking good. Shroud was tanky and sitting at level 47. However, like many before him, Shroud fell victim to the deadly death explosions caused by many enemies within Diablo 4. He was cornered and forced to dash away right into a death explosion. Like those that fell before you, we will remember you in the hall of heroes. Check out the clip here!

In Conclusion

These are just some of our favorites so far, we have plenty more to show you so please check out our Race to World First event stream at www.twitch.tv/diablobuilds. We’ll keep our eye out, as more are destined to enter the fated hall of heroes.

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