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Diablo IV Dev Livestream October 10th Recap

Diablo IV Dev Livestream October 10th Recap

Nate McKay
Diablo IV Dev Livestream October 10th Recap

With the Dev Stream behind we've learned about a ton of changes on the horizon so lets jump in!

Elemental Resistances

  • Basically, before the season of blood, resistances were multiplicative and provided little value
  • Now resistances will be additive meaning that if you have 20% poison resistance and pick up another 20% you'll now have 40% resistance.
  • Resistances will be capped at 70% with a few outliers granting resistance above the cap.
  • Armor now only resists Physical Damage - It used to do both
  • Rings and amulets will now have All Resistance
  • The goal is for players to hit the cap around level 80 for most resistances


  • The problem was that uniques didn't feel special enough
  • Now almost every unique has been updated
  • New 4 point strategy
  • 1. New Stats: Things like "Increased tornado duration" is not a stat but can roll on a specific unique
  • 2. Larger stat ranges: Bonus fire damage normally rolls +15-25% but on a specific unique can be +30-45%
  • 3. Override Slot Rules: CDR can't normally roll on a weapon but on a specific unique it can
  • 4. Updated Unique Effects: Made unique effects stronger and easier to take advantage of
  • The new max item power will be 925

Boss Unique Tables

Class Adjustments

  • The major design philosophy here is to make sure that there is some variance in power between builds but that no one build is so strong that it isn't worth making other choices
  • The goal is to also add ways to infinitely scale power, a feature that will be very important when leaderboards are added


  • Ossified Essence Damage Bonus per Essence past 50 reduced from 1.0% to .5%
  • Bone Graft Legendary Paragon node maximum Essence per stack reduced from 3 to 2, total max essence reduced from 24 to 16
  • Also benefit from the less single instance damage to pets
  • Deaths defense passive is now baseline
  • Golem Basic attack damage increased by 100%
  • Blood Golem Active damage increased by 55%
  • Iron Golem active damage increased by 15%
  • Many minion paragon node values have been increased
  • Coldbringers aspect now allows any Skeletal Mages to cast Blizzard instead of only Cold Skeletal Mages
  • All X minion inherits thorns has been replaced by a unified minion that inherits thorns affix that can appear on rings shields and gloves
  • shields now give armor


  • Supreme Wrath of the Berserker max damage bonus is now capped at x100%
  • Paragon boards buffed Ex the Of Anscetral force Legendary grants bonus damage to the quake and the base skill instead of having separate damage on the quake


  • Aspect of the Rampaging Werebeast Crit Strike Damage bonus is now capped at x200%
  • Raven Passive damage increased by 20%, Active damage increased by 55%
  • Enhanced Ravens Bonus Critical Strike Chance increased from 5% to 8%
  • Rabies Damage increased by 27%
  • Half of Natural Rabies Spread Speed bonus made baseline (50%)
  • Baseline Rabies Spreads 50% faster


  • Incinerate's ramp-up time is being reduced from 4 to 2 seconds, total damage remains the same
  • Enhanced frozen orb now grants additional explosion damage against elites
  • Winter and Electrocute Paragon Glyphs now have practical uses on the Paragon Board


  • Blade Shift Lucky Hit Chance increased from 35% to 50%
  • Enhanced Blade Shift now gives the full 20% movement speed bonus immediately
  • Heartseeker Critical Strike Chance bonus increased from 3% to 5% per stack
  • Forceful Arrow Lucky hit Chance increased from 40% to 50%
  • Impetus Passive Distance for damage buff reduced from 15 to 12 meters now increases the damage of your next non-basic attack

Damage Buckets

We'll let the stream slides do most of the talking for this one

The primary goal stated was that each build should have a primary damage vector that is worth investing in (the example given was Necromancers running a blood build will want to find sources of overpower). From there that player will invest into that stat up to the cap, then start looking for other sources of power. Stay tuned as our math experts are hard at work breaking this information down to integrate it into our calculator and discuss more in-depth!


  • The primary change here is that legendary nodes will be given an additional scaling effect based on certain stats, example below:
  • Essentially this will create huge opportunities for classes to scale their damage based on other stats that may have been less than useful in the past
  • There's also some additional nodes coming with the season, 2 for each class, here are a few of them!

Patch 1.2.1

We got some insight into the next patch after this one, which drops before Blizzcon, it will add a training dummy to test your build on and a reset paragon board button!

That wraps up our coverage of the October 10th Diablo 4 Developer Campfire chat!

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