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Farming Malignant Hearts Efficiently

Farming Malignant Hearts Efficiently

Dylan "LessVestige" Carlson
Farming Malignant Hearts Efficiently

Whether you are looking for that last Malignant Heart to complete your build or farming for one with a better roll to really squeeze every bit of damage out of your build, here are some of the best ways to get the most out of your time.

Best Method

There is one sure fire way to guarantee a Wrathful Heart, the strongest of the hearts, each time you run through a dungeon; the seasonal quest, “The Cold Hard Truth.” This is the last quest in the seasonal story line and it sends you into the Velkhova Church Undercroft in the Fractured Peaks.

While there, you are tasked with clearing out many Malignant enemies then you are to destroy some Malignant Corruption in the area before lighting three Ritual Incense. You then speak with Cormond and fight Varshan the Consumed which rewards you with a Wrathful Heart upon his defeat. Here is the important part.. STOP.

After defeating Varshan and grabbing your reward, do not speak with Cormond. Speaking with him will end the quest and prevent you from entering the dungeon again. Instead, we are going to leave and reset the dungeon by opening your map and hitting that little red button that says, “Reset Dungeons.” Doing this will allow you to enter the dungeon again and fight your way through to another guaranteed Wrathful Heart.

Did I also mention that there are several Malignant Elite enemies in here too? This means it is also an incredible way to farm any heart you need, not just those rare Wrathful spheres of joy.

Unfortunately, there is a downside to this method. As mentioned above, if you speak with Cormond by accident or you have already completed the seasonal questline, you will not be able to use this farming method by yourself. You can, however, join a friend that still has the quest and do it that way.

Note: It is possible that this method got patched out of the game in patch 1.1.1 on August 8th, 2023.

Alternative Methods

If you have already completed the seasonal questline and you would rather play solo or not worry about relying on a friend, here are some backup methods for you.

  • Ravening Pit
    • Malignant Tunnels are a great way to farm Malignant Hearts and this one is no exception. With dense mobs, a small map and 4 guaranteed Malignant Elites, this is one of the best dungeons to farm. Though the chances of finding a Wrathful Elite among them is not the best, being able to quickly get through and reset the dungeon will maximize your chances. (Approx. 15 minutes for one Wrathful depending on your luck and the speed you clear the dungeon)
  • Dindai Hollow
    • Great for farming Brutal, Devious, and Vicious Hearts. By running past normal mobs to look for Malignant Elites, you will quickly be able to find 3 of them, two of which are marked on your mini map, in about 1-2 minutes with a speedy build.
  • Invokers
    • Saving your building materials you get from salvaging Malignant Hearts will also help boost your chances of getting the heart you need. Crafting the right Invokers you need and using the ones you find on your adventures will also prove to be a great method of farming. And you can do it along with other methods! Win-win, right?
    • You can also share Invokers by joining a party and using them as a group to maximize their efficiency. While in a party, only one player must use an Invoker for every player to get the benefits.

If you want to learn more about some of the farming methods mentioned above or just want to see it in action, check out NickTew’s video, “Best Way To Farm Malignant Hearts Guide - Diablo 4” that you can find Here. Happy hunting and good luck!

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