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When Hell Froze Over: The Midwinter Blight Event Begins!

When Hell Froze Over: The Midwinter Blight Event Begins!

Nate McKay
When Hell Froze Over: The Midwinter Blight Event Begins!

Hell has frozen over! Well, at least in the Fractured Peaks. From today at 10 a.m. PST to January 2nd, 10 a.m. PST the Fractured Peaks will be transformed into a hellish winter wonderland.

The begin the event head on over to Gileon, the bard. He'll give you rumors about spiteful dangers lurking in the snow, a powerful cold that has stricken the land, and enhanced enemies wandering the snow. Gileon is looking to lift spirits with a holiday celebration despite the desperate times.

The Midwinter Square

To lift spirits in Sanctuary you'll take charge by putting up decorations in the Midwinter Square. To do so you'll head out into the deeply frozen Fractured Peaks to kill Blightfiends and gather Blighted Fragments. You'll also be on the hunt for Frigid Husks, gory amalgamations of human flesh, which you can rip down to get Lost Heirlooms, hopefully ending the celebration currently being had by the Blightfiends known as the Blighted Revelry.

The Blighted Revelry

As part of your mission to bring holiday cheer you'll be tasked with disrupting the Blighted Revelry, a celebration of blood and gore being had by the Blightfiends. Importantly, you'll seek out and destory their evil overlord the Red-Cloaked Horror.

Frost-Weathered Trinkets

After successfully facing off against the Blightfiends, collecting resources, and standing against the Red Cloaked Horror, you'll have the opportunity to earn Midwinter Proofs. These tokens can be exchanged for all sorts of rewards including a mount trophy, class specific back trophies, weapon cosmetics, the shard of dawn offensive legendary aspect, Gileon's brew (apparently it's warm and delicious) and more.

If you're looking to fine tune your build to tackle the Midwinter Blight Event make sure to use our Build Calculator, a tool that allows you to see down to the number what you're character can really do.

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