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Introduction To The Build Calculator

Introduction To The Build Calculator

Introduction To The Build Calculator

Have you ever wanted to tweak your current build or create a new build entirely but just aren't sure if it would be worthwhile? Well now you have a powerful tool to do just that! Introducing Diablo Builds exclusive tool, the Build Calculator!

The Build Calculator is a tool that allows you to create and modify character builds without even having to be in the game! This tool is much more than just a calculator though — not only does it crunch the numbers of all the stats and what not but it will run a simulation of that build behind the scenes to produce accurate stats of the build you are creating based on typical gameplay scenarios for the conditions you set within the calculator. Using the Build Calculator will save you tons of time and effort, not to mention in-game gold and crafting materials, from all the respecs and item modifications that you would have to do in game just to test your idea out!

You can use the Build Calculator to fine tune your build or create an entirely new one if you would prefer. Everything you need for build creation is at your fingertips! There are several different tabs that you have access to for customizing your build. These tabs are Skills, Character, Paragons, Config and Stats. Under the Config tab you can even change the world, player or enemy conditions that all have an impact on the statistics of your build.

For example, if you have a skill that does damage based on your missing health, you can change your health bar in the calculator from 1% through 100% and it will calculate that into your skill damage! This allows you to really figure out what the sweet spot for maximum efficiency is in your build. There are plenty of configuration settings to adjust in order to see exactly what impacts your build, thus allowing you to modify your build without having to guess and play test it in game.

Are you ready to take your game play to an all new level? Are you looking to increase your offensive and defensive power to take on more difficult content? Then take a good look at your build and create it on the Build Calculator to find out where you need to change things to get the most potential from your character. Alternatively you can just start fresh and create the build of your dreams and then chase after that in the game! Either way, the Build Calculator will help make your life easier by giving you everything you need to plan out your build path or even follow someone else’s build.

Click here to use the Build Calculator.

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