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Season 2: Season of Blood

Season 2: Season of Blood

David "TheFeralTurtle" Hickey
Season 2: Season of Blood

Prepare for the impending darkness as the Diablo IV development team announces the ominous Season of Blood, set to commence on October 17, as revealed during Gamescom: Opening Night Live. A surge of newly turned ravenous vampires, driven by a malevolent master, threatens Sanctuary, leaving a trail of innocent bloodshed. As a lone wanderer, your mission unfolds in becoming the hunter of these bloodthirsty predators to secure your survival. The season offers an intriguing Questline, Vampiric Powers for combat, five formidable endgame bosses yielding specific items, and community-requested updates including improved Gem management and enhanced mechanics for Elemental Resistances. Get a glimpse of Erys, the fierce vampire hunter portrayed by actress Gemma Chan, in the accompanying trailer.

Updates Coming in Season 2

Blizzard has listened to community feedback and are bringing a lot of changes that we have been asking for. This includes Renown fully carrying over to the new season, instead of just Area Discovery and Altars of Lilith. Another big update is that they are adding 5 new Endgame Bosses for players to tackle. A lot of community feedback was that there was not enough endgame content, so this is a change we are very happy to see.

There was also a lot of talk about how Elemental Resistances were absolutely useless. People would just stack armor and reroll any Resistance modifier they had on their gear. Blizzard addressed this issue and are finally making changes to it this season. They also look to rework the functionality of Vulnerable, Overpower, and Critical Strike Damage.

Lastly, they are finally changing Gems so they no longer clutter your inventory and stash space. They are also adding a way to filter your stash pages as well as search for items.

As of now, this is all that we know. We are expecting to see some more specific changes in the near future as October approaches.

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