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Things to Do Before the Season Ends

Things to Do Before the Season Ends

Dylan "LessVestige" Carlson
Things to Do Before the Season Ends

Paving the Way

With Season 1: Season of the Malignant almost at its halfway point, and the recent reveal of Season 2: Season of Blood, things are starting to pick up in Sanctuary as the rush to complete our Battle Pass and Season Journey begin.

Season 1 Features

New Questline

Season of the Malignant brought with it a dire threat in the form of Lilith’s corruption spreading throughout Sanctuary. Infected monsters began roaming the land, mindless and leaving only death in their wake. The Wanderers - us - now faced with a new enemy must fight back before all is lost. It is not all bad news though as we now have the ability to wield malignant hearts - the core of the corruption - against our enemies.

New Power

Malignant Hearts augment each character with options that are either unique to each individual class or general boosts that are great all around. These powerful items have often brought new and fun additions to builds and have even defined how some builds are played.

New Boss Battle

Varshan the Consumed holds many secrets of the malignant and it is our job to hunt this creature down and put an end to this corruption for good. There are four levels to this boss, each providing an increasingly difficult challenge. Can you handle its final form?

New Gear

Six new unique items and seven new legendary aspects to unlock!

Things to Do Before Season End

Let’s now get into why we are really here; the Season Journey and the Battle Pass. For those of us that are familiar with the seasonal format introduced in Diablo 3, the Season Journey was no surprise and the rewards you earn after completing increasingly difficult challenges can be worth the time spent grinding it out. The Battle Pass, however, is a new way of collecting rewards within Sanctuary and the spoils are primarily earned by just playing the game. Several of which you may not want to miss out on; including titles, clothing and weapon transmogs, mount skins, emotes, and more.

If you paid for the Premium Battle Pass then you definitely want to make sure you grab your Coldiron transmog armor set, Warded Mustang mount, Coldiron Barding mount armor, weapon skins and platinum before time runs out. It has yet to be announced if or when armor sets like these will be available again in a future rotation so be sure to get it while you can.

For those completionists out there or for people who just want the bragging rights of having a really cool title, be sure to complete your Season Journey. I mean, who doesn’t want to have “Eldritch Monster” next to their name for all to see? You can also finish up the seasonal questline for that juicy lore and to test your skills using the Tormented Invoker of Varshan in World Tier 4 to summon the most powerful version of the boss.

Unlike the Malignant Hearts themselves, once the season ends on October 17th, the rewards you earned will stay with you to show off in the future. So get them now while the getting is good! There is still plenty of time left but it is never too early to start preparing for the end.

Note Mother’s Blessing Weekend: If you are in need of a little boost, be sure to get some game time in between 9.1.23 - 9.5.23 for 25% bonus xp and gold!

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